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13 May 2024, 7:41 pm

For me, it was being raised in a cult, being homeschooled, isolated, and highly sheltered, and experiencing abuse in different ways by different people. I’m not sure if I’d say that my life was destroyed though. Maybe it depends on the day…

I’m very proud of my son. He’s happy and in a much better place than I was at his age. There are also things that I enjoy and moments of hope most days.

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14 May 2024, 1:04 am

Fnord wrote:
To paraphrase Friedrich Nietzsche: "That which does not destroy me has made a grave tactical error."

I like that. For some reason you've said a number of things lately that I've strongly related to.

Nobody has completely destroyed my life so far. The nearest to that was when my estranged wife tried to take our young son away from me while my landlord was trying to evict me. They failed, but it took me a long time to live down the feelings of betrayal and abandonment. I felt threatened by, and hostile to, people in general for years, but I always had a few friends I didn't feel that way about, and these days I feel a lot safer, also a lot less militant unless somebody starts on me.

According to the clinical definitions of abuse, I was subjected to fairly extreme emotional abuse when I was a child, but I had sympathisers and one very loyal ally who understood me well. So the abuse failed to hit home. I knew that as time went by I'd get stronger and my abuser would get weaker, and step by step I rebelled.

I feel sorry for anybody under attack if they're without staunch friends. The lone individual can only do so much before they're overpowered and damaged beyond repair. Strangely I rarely ask for help even though I know that, and emotionally I expect it to be denied. Yet I've always been given all the help I've really needed, even though sometimes it's been a bloody close call.


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14 May 2024, 10:53 am

No one single thing. And I'm not sure the collective of all the little things adds up to a destroyed life. It's not ideal, but whose is? Some of it is pretty good.

Only the things that happened to me as a child I think can really be counted. I'll take responsibility for everything that's got messed up since I was an adult.

So I'd count:

Being the child of parents who thought it wasn't a problem to move house frequently, including pulling me out of and into schools at a moments notice.

Having a father who couldn't find much to like in his son and wasn't able or willing to keep those feelings hidden.

Having an emotionally distant mother who has always been something of a mystery to me. Probably ND.

Being sexually abused by my first employer at 16 and not having anyone I could tell about it.

I'd say those are the big ones.

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16 May 2024, 8:54 am

Being exposed to weird art as a kid

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16 May 2024, 11:17 am

funeralxempire wrote:

Many times have had to rebuild my life .. destroyed by family from very early on . People said at least you had a family.
but haf anyone paid attn. to circumstances am quite sure, they might think otherwise . from early on had to deal with life destroyers. Before I even understood the concept. Having a memory that has developed recall of all traumatic circumstances. With the mindset, to avoid repeating them .But those memories are terrible .But they stick in my head.
Needed to use that space in my head for much better things , but repeated onslaughts of life destroying things keep coming . So ,i constantly look forward to a time of peace . And must echo what Fnord wrote about leaving me alive.
one event caused me to contact the Federal gov. dept.of the GSA . To get a idea of remedy for one of the more egregious situations that were brought upon me and my late husband. Reprocussions on a Legal system in one town.Behaving corruptly. Ended up with many of the Lawyers that work felony convictions removed from employment there.
In favour of a more responsible Legal system in the more populated presiding areas . imho , my response was inadequate for the crimes that were committed by them upon us. :skull: . Even enduring a hate campaign ,where we had resided peacefully for over 25 yrs .That went on the last five years of being there.
Starting over seems to be a thing for me. Can actually tell people , i feel I have lived at least 4 different situational lives
Without any concepts of psyche problems involved. Without exaggeration. :| :arrow: than normal PTSD , you might get anyhow from this kinda stuff. It has appeared to me in the immediate area, that the main method of personal interacting regarding your neighbours seems to be one of Hate as the prevailing sentiment. Towards non druggies .... and their parents because , theydo not want the hassels of trying to get their adult children free of the legal system ,once again ,judging by police reports and personal interactions .Regardless of repeated , good will attempts on my part. but this is only my experience of life destroyers .

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16 May 2024, 12:52 pm

I wouldn’t say my life is destroyed, but various narcissists have done me a lot of damage over the years


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07 Jun 2024, 11:15 pm

Not destroyed but not knowing I had autism until I was 18 set me back years

So far, my 20s been wasted playing catch up


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07 Jun 2024, 11:22 pm

there was no catching up for me, it was like i found out by accident there was supposed to be a race, and i was so slow in getting ready that by the time i got to the racetrack, the race was long forgotten and the racetrack paved over into a parking lot.


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08 Jun 2024, 2:08 am

shortfatbalduglyman wrote:
Who or what destroyed your life?

Or is your life not destroyed?

Getting a worthless degree destroyed my life.Also Asperger's destroyed my life.Chronic unemployment destroyed my life.


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08 Jun 2024, 6:26 am

I would not say my life was destroyed. I think I'm one of the lucky ones. When I was growing up, I always wondered why I found it so difficult to make friends. I've lived a very solitary life and not always by choice. I just thought I was weird and unable to make friends. I was diagnosed as autistic at the age of 55. Autism did not destroy me but it did make my life difficult, especially in my younger years. As I get older, I realise that that being by myself is actually not that bad. I quite like it now!

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08 Jun 2024, 1:33 pm

I feel my autism ruined my life. I watch NTs through glass. I can observe but not participate. I’m never happy.