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17 May 2024, 8:05 pm

"Which Asian are you?" (especially when day laborers have the nerve to scream "Chino!" @ me, like that's my name. they acted like *I * didn't belong @ home depot, but they don't even work @ home depot. and some of them are not even legally in united states.) (entitled lil dipshits)

"Are you ok?". sometimes i might be physically injured. but almost always, "are you ok?" sounds so f*****g manipulative, like if you say "no", then they put on "smoke and mirrors" (farce/facade) and they act like they are "helping" me. (rolls eyes). they act like they "care", but they are really self righteous and condescending ass holes.

"Huh" and "what" instead of "excuse me"
precious lil "people" that talk too much and too loud

compliments as judgmental as insults (esp about intelligence ie. "you are smart". condescending., and morality)

off leash dogs
reckless drivers
knocking down the litterbox door or monopolizing the litterbox, barging in on me in the litterbox
mispronouncing my name
touching me (including friendly pats on the back)


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17 May 2024, 9:10 pm

I ask, "Which Asian are you?" because I do not want (for example) to insult a Korean person by referring to them as Japanese.

I ask, "How are you?" because I am genuinely concerned about the well-being of people I meet.  I ask, "Are you okay?" because I am genuinely concerned about the well-being of people I already know.

I say, "Huh?" because it seems universally accepted as meaning "What?", "Pardon?", "I don't understand", or "Would you repeat that?"

I give compliments because I believe that praising people is a good thing to do.

The remaining five of your complaints make sense to me, too.

No love for Hamas, Hezbollah, Iranian Leadership, Islamic Jihad, other Islamic terrorist groups, OR their supporters and sympathizers.