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24 May 2024, 9:17 pm

I have a roommate at the group home 8O :x :cry: :cry: :cry: I already have a roommate, a different kind a roommate with 4 legs & fur :heart: :heart: :heart: My kind of roommate. I was getting a new person for a roommate, I got a different person, the first person is allergic to cats, the second person is now my roommate, she is alot weirder than I am, she talk to herself, she talk to imaginary friend, she talk to somebody that not there, she can have arguments with that nonperson, she can talk to this person about my cat, she can have more arguments about not touching my cat, I told her alot of times to put your hand out & let her sniff you, she seems to always forget, I know I can forget, but I wash my hands & cover my mouth when I cough, she don’t cover her mouth when she coughs or sneeze, I might get sick cuz of her & she goes to a day program, Im taking Zinc Picolinate & other vitamins, I have my own hand soap, body wash, hand towel, hand sanitizer & Clorox wipes. Right now, I'm in my bedroom using my laptop, I been giving my iPad a rest to save battery, cuz I should bought a new iPad & new phone before I moved here, I wanted to save money when I had more money, but I can't buy an iPad or a phone, the people here are noisy, they want to know what I bought.


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25 May 2024, 7:32 am

Hope things improve for you Kitty. It sounds horrendous.

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