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09 Aug 2005, 9:05 am ... 20Students

Sounds almost like ghost AS in some ways.

I was highly suspected of being GT/LD for a number of years, but ritalen changed all that.

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09 Aug 2005, 9:13 am

I think it does overlap.

D (my son) is gifted, LD (in written expression) and PDD-NOS.

The meds wouldn't take your giftedness away but might do away with the part that looked LD. SO...would a school now consider you gifted, ADHD, and ASD?

Not that it matters much. Most schools around here don't know what to do with "twice exception" students anyway.....


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09 Aug 2005, 10:54 am

I find that funny because when I was a child, I was considered too smart for the LD classes but could not function in the normal class setting too (of course, they tried to put me in an open classroom setting and never considered trying a close classroom before coming to that conclusion).

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09 Aug 2005, 12:07 pm

Thank you for the link, Prometheus.

My son is gifted (tested), but has a lot of problems at school. Unfortunately he has no diagnosis, so it can depend on ADD, AS, GT/LD or anything else. And the teachers dont know how to treat him :?

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09 Aug 2005, 12:19 pm

Hello all,
some sites for gifted LD are and
My daughter is definitely gifted LD. As well as being bright she has severe attention deficit.
Being gifted is asynchronous meaning that a person is generally not gifted in all areas. There can be areas of weakness or disability.

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09 Aug 2005, 2:16 pm

Is there any genetic correlation or such between Giftedness and LDs? I mean, is the giftedness part of the disorder like an autty can be a savant which seems to be directly linked with autism many times? Or is it simply someone with an LD who happens to also be Gifted?

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09 Aug 2005, 3:50 pm

I have been tested and diagnosed as gifted and LD (ADHD and AS).
Below is the text on the site you linked and my comments.

Daily work rather consistently incomplete or poorly done
My parents always had to check that and help my organize and focus to do it.
ADHD says it all :roll:
Underdeveloped fine motor skills
:wink: Just see my handwriting or ask my brother
Low self esteem
Resolved problem. Now that I am diagnosed, it is much better.

Superior comprehension and vocabulary skills
Imaginative and creative
It depends on what kind of imagination so not 100% true. But not wrong.
Easily bored
Except when I do something related to radioastronomy. :wink:
wide range of interest and/or specialized expertise
Rather a narrow range of interest but true for specialized expertise.
Keen sense of humor
My humor is unique. :D

Vast gap between achievement level and potential which can often be observed in the discrepancy between the qualitative level of oral and written work
That sentence is on all my grade reports since the first grade. Does it answer ?
Extreme perfectionism and self-criticism; unrealistic expectations
I do not know. My father says "This is true."
Use of unique and effective means of compensation
I try to... :wink:

I was considered too gifted to be in a LD class, but I have difficulties in a normal class, so I ended up being homeschooled.

I think that autism and giftedness can be related, because there were statistical studies saying that there is greater chances to have a gifted child in a family with an autistic child. As it does happen in families of children with Down's Syndrome (without autism), it means there might be a correlation.
Also, some neurologists found that the way the brain of a highly gifted person is closer to the way the brain of an autist work, and that statistically you have greater chances to be autistic (AS or hyperlexic) if you are gifted than if you are not, and when they made the study it showed the probability increases with the IQ. I do not know how valid they are because it was a one-time study.

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