Positive post - advice on an aspie job interview

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25 Oct 2007, 11:01 am

Right ok, for some reason I am very good at job interviews, it makes me laugh once I leave the interview room because I say to myself - was that just me?

So what i'd say is the most important thing is to be concious of your personality image, if you like, the way I see it, the pure, amazing positive traits of us aspies are sure fire winners to interviewers, the trick is to conceal the negative, which in fact aren't big ones -

Come across your natural, friendly, innocent (but not naive) self. The hardest part is too find the balance between coming over as accommodating and professional but not TOO over the top otherwise you'll look extremely alert, threatening and a bit intense this is very off putting.

The chances are if it's an officey type job then showing your nerdy, geeky and systematic self is a good image to show off because they'll see that you are very methodical and dilligent, and they'll clock you as someone who 'gets inside' their job.

The difficult part to handle is the verbal stuff, just keep it simple and positive and remember that they will allow for some nerves, let them see what's beneath, that's a trusting individual who is genuine. Body language obviously is crucial too. Sit straight and if possible try to lean forward a bit and appear carefree and friendly, get a little closer to the interviewer's eyes, a little bit of intimacy doesn't hurt but again us aspies don't like to get too close anyway.

So be yourself and remember that the person they are going to choose if someone who comes across approachable, professional, passive is good because they'll know deep down that they'll have no problems with you in causing conflicts and trust.

Be accommodating, but not too serious!