Conservatives wants to draft the mentally unstable!

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29 Feb 2008, 6:00 pm

I've found a post on a danish conservative website, and I have translated it.

Does this text represent true conservatism?
What do you conservatives think of it?

Maybe we don't need the military for actual warfare, there are many conservative countries where the military is not used for military purposes. But the military has a very important role in the civil life, and that is cohesiveness in the population.

Thus it is totally confusing why we allow Conscientious Objection and that so many people are deemed unfit for conscription just because they are "mentally unstable".
I'd like to tell you folks something about mental illness:
The military can handle and cure mental illness! The military requires you to transcend your mental boundaries, which is exactly the way that psychologists are doing. Now, considering that psychological treatment for OCD or panic disorder is expensive, conscription, which actually PAY you for getting treated. So if there is anything a mentally unstable patient should, he should be a conscript!

This will require a lot of extra resources allocated to the military, but it is worth of it to ensure stability and civil order. Stability and order comes before the needs of the individual. We just abolish all transfer-income (unemployment benefits etc.) and give the money to the military.

There are of course those who really can't do the soldier's duty because of physical or mental disabilities, such as retardation. But then I'd like to refer to the Singaporean National Service (NS): Everyone has to do NS. There are no one who are deemed "unfit", instead those who cannot do undergo the military training are instead placed in other branches of the military, so people in wheelchair work in the offices, and mentally retarded do easy tasks.

Honestly I think that all those who recieve unemployment benefits (cash-assistance) and disability benefits should loose their cash assistance and disability benefits, and instead get a job at the military.

This will increase the public interest for the military.

In short: Abolish transfer-income (disability benefits and cash assistance) and give the money to the military.

Denmark can learn alot by looking at Singapore!


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29 Feb 2008, 6:32 pm

Any conclusion can be made reasonable if enough relevant facts are ignored.

To eliminate poverty, you have to eliminate at least three things: time, the bell curve and the Pauli Exclusion Principle. Have fun.

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06 Mar 2008, 2:20 pm

I'm not a conservative by any means but I have to add this quote

"I'm nuts. Cuckoo. Don't you understand?... They've got a licensed psychiatrist up at the hospital who examined me and that was his verdict. I'm really insane"
"So? Don't you see what that means? Now you can take me off combat duty and send me home. They're not going to send a crazy man out to be killed, are they?"
"Who else will go?"