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PMS Does this Drive You Crazy!
I get terrible symptoms at around that time. 71%  71%  [ 5 ]
I get some symptoms but it doesn't affect me. 29%  29%  [ 2 ]
Total votes : 7


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07 Mar 2008, 2:59 pm

No, I don't just mention bloating. My symptoms are pretty much these: fatigue, nervousness, being reactive, and tremors. Now, my tremors are better now because I'm on medication but I do feel physically akward. The fatigue gets so bad. I wonder if anyone has this problem. I really have a hard time getting up or staying awake. The worst is panic attacks. I get real bad with this and ppl constantly ask me if there's something wrong. I wish I could casually just say, "Yeah, I'm PMSing." Now I know some women probably are sick of hearing about this. However, it really really affects me. It's like a bomb ready to set off. I wish I could do something to lessen these symptoms. It'd be nice to hear from some of you and men are included. I just want to know if there's ways to calm this down. Things even sound louder than they normally do. So please, share any advice. I also made a poll to see if what I have is serious.


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07 Mar 2008, 7:38 pm

MissConstrue wrote:
No, I don't just mention bloating. My symptoms are pretty much these: fatigue, nervousness, being reactive, and tremors.

I get much more emotional than my usual level (which is pretty intense already), in "spells" or "moods" of extreme sensitivity, to feeling upset (mad, then sad & repeat). Don't notice change in overall (physical) fatigue level, beyond that which results from being emotionally (physiologically) tense, on edge, in pain, and overwrought. Maybe the nervousness triggers release of adrenaline & thus afterwards you're weary, once the threat/stress pauses/stops.
MissConstrue wrote:
I just want to know if there's ways to calm this down.

I get my boyfriend to squish me, lie down on me (with clothing on, not in a sex type way)-the pressure comforts & soothes me. Or I lay across his hipbone (in a confusing perpendicular arrangement), to help with my period cramps. He copes well with my fits of snarling, crying, laughing then crying again, and so on. His acceptance & stability while I'm busy freaking out reassures me, when I feel afraid I won't ever feel better (and that I've always felt this bad).

Anyway, I don't know if something at all like this would be possible-or compatible with your senses. It's along similar lines of thought to Grandin's "squeeze machine", except that I'm not trying to avoid a hug administered by a human. The point is getting the calming effects (on some animals & for some people) of "deep pressure" touch/contact/holding-but NOT too tight.
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07 Mar 2008, 8:36 pm

I get hit with some pretty terrible physical pain at first, and feel really weak and tired. Since the pain can get intolerable after the first few hours, I often find if it starts the best plan of action is just to pass out and hopefully be unconscious through the worst of it. My mom passed down one of those old fashioned "almost burns you" heating pads, and that can help a little, but sometimes being unconscious is just the way to go. (Apparently this problem runs with females on both sides of my family.)

Emotions don't really noticeably change, except I'm perhaps more reluctant to leave the house or see people. I guess being anti-social just keeps me from having any attacks.

My dad used to say:
"When it's your time of the month, you just disappear. When it's your mom's time of the month, we just WISH she would disappear."

Being on the pill can help, but it's hard enough for me to remember my regular meds.


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08 Mar 2008, 9:31 pm

I can gain up to ten pounds of fat during the week before and during my period, i get extreme cravings and binge and binge, bad bad emotional swings, horrible crampings, feeling sick and off. Ughand the blood is extreme.