social work, nursing, physical therapist or CNA....I'm stuck

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24 Jul 2008, 12:18 pm

MsTriste wrote:
Another RN here, 11 years. Very demanding on the social skills.

My recommendation would be the one I got before I ventured on this career: volunteer at a hospital in a patient care area such as the emergency room where you'll have contact. You'll get an idea if you can handle the social aspects and it will give you confidence at the same time.

Ms. Triste,
What type of setting do you work in - inpatient, outpatient, ER, etc? I'm an occupational therapist who is struggling right now with the social part of my job. I enjoy working with the patients but the teamwork/comradery stuff is driving me crazy. I'm thinking of looking for a smaller facility that has more social structure (i.e. organized team meetings about patients) and possibly less team work (that probably sounds dumb) and maybe my own cubicle :-)

Do you have any suggestions for a facility that might have the social atmosphere that I'm looking for?