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What is your favorite decade for music?
'70s (Led Zeppilin, Pink Floyd, Disco, Elton John) 25%  25%  [ 6 ]
'80s (Michael Jackson, Prince, Madonna, Hair Metal) 33%  33%  [ 8 ]
'90s (The rise of Seattle rock, Janet Jackson, Garth Brooks, East Coast-West Coast rap) 4%  4%  [ 1 ]
'00s (Green Day, Nickelback, Linkin Park, etc.) 21%  21%  [ 5 ]
Other ('50s-Elvis Presley, '60s Beatles-Motown, pre '50s Frank Sintara-Jazz-Blues) 17%  17%  [ 4 ]
Total votes : 24


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08 Sep 2008, 8:37 pm

I love the music of the 20s; well I just like music all together, no matter what the age or genre.
I could never understand pop music though, even when I was a little- unless I could relate to the lyrics of course. You know, when it was about a boy and I was feeling particularly emotional at the time.
Last nights MTV, VMA's made me feel so old and odd again; It was hosted by an idiot and the musicians seemed like they should all be on Nickelodeon. Why do I even bother?
What do you all think of the genre "Blends", (I like it because I can't help but to love bass) or this other one called instrumental electronica.
I get so bored and stressed, changes in ambiance relaxes me sometimes.

Blue Jay
Blue Jay

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09 Sep 2008, 4:56 pm

i love music from all decades, there's always good stuff around even when its dominated by rubbish in the charts like today. my fav dacade has to be the 1960's for which that when it was all happening, music change, culture, fashion. i belive the best songs were written a lot in the 60's & 70's. you don't get a lot of timeless songs now, most of them are forgotten in week after its release. i genrally search out for odd and obsure artist from these days. :D

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