V.A.P and cleansing of Ghosthunters conscious

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14 Nov 2005, 11:16 pm

November 15th, 2005

Good afternoon, fellow Wrongplaneteers. Nothing like
a good flushing of good, bad, and asking for assistance thoughts
to allow a clear head. As you can tell, I am in a better mood
for allowing a well-rounded clarity and exposing of my feeling
to make other things easier to approach.

Flushing the good wrote:
I was having writers block because of the numbers and
statistics that usually confuse me in life. The fact that I
did the (E-Mail for Susan)-forum flush to allow a genuine plea for
understanding what the f**k I am suppose to send. If any of
you folks knew me, you would understand that numbers are
confusing for me. Then I flushed my feeling about Apple Valley
and Stagnation being not good (Good feeling, bad feeling)-forum
and by posting it, it gave me the opportunity to re-evaluate
the facts, number and figures of the M.A.T.B with a clear
concious and mind set.

Facts about Numbers and Statistics wrote:
I spent 6 months on a Elementary Algebra book
to pass my G.E.D. What I did was chapter 1(many
errors) and then re-did chapter 1 and moved to
chapter 2(less errors in #1, more in #2), progressed
in this repetitive formula until I reached chapter 24.

I did this to gain visual memory of the artistic
characteristics in the math approach so if I am
stumped, I can rely upon my visual memory to make
a safe guess.

I guessed alot and got a 46(after 6 months visual
prepping) and needed a 40 to pass this test. Pretty
bad, even after 6 months preparations. Hmmmm?

And you wonder why I asked for help by Susan to
re-explain the M.A.T.B. I hope this adds clarity of the
issue of deciphering the M.A.T.B

Flushing the bad, and confusing wrote:
I do these periodical flushes to allow understanding
of how my sub-conscious works. If I didn't I tend to lose
track of time and forget important thing(forgetfulness
settles in...) . It is good to have a healthy flush in the
good, bad, and confused areas of ones mind and feeling
so they can see from another perspective, so please
forgive if you folks felt like a toilet, it was neccessary
to allow clarity to de-code the M.A.T.B.

The following is the result of the emotional flushing I did
in the last 2 days.

A thanks to BeeBee wrote:
BeeBee, I thank you for your patience with me, and
since we both see the reality of my time here, and how
Susan time and your(beebee's) patience has allowed a
pre-onsite evaluation, I say thankyou.

A good and healthy flush of thoughts and emotions
for this creature called Ghosthunter is a part of it's
daily diet.

Because of your patience, my flushing periodically,
and Susan being good at getting me to this point, I say
thanks to you both(susan and beebee).

No matter what happens there are good people out
there. This is shown by the faith, heart and persona's
called BeeBee and Susan.

To Pryaxis wrote:
Hear-Hear! to a new and sought after alliance. I have
seen many people go and come in my life that makes my
heart hesitant to express freely to others. It has been
you and our phone talks that make me a better human.

I was there when you struggle, and even though you
are a better paid render girl, If I hadn't known you as a
human being, not a thing that can afford housing, I would
have otherwise lumped you as the enemy.

That is not the case, we met face to face, and
are of similar interest. Your way more advance than
I am in skills(though your expressions are limited, and
voice clear in how your thought process works), as
I am clear in conscious in how to express on a friendly
level on one I can trust, but a f**k up in life.

Thanks for accepting this f**k up as a friend as I accept
you as a friend regarless of being able to afford to live
and I must live like a shit-head who is reduced to mcD's and
Alumium can collecting at 62.

Smart be I as a teacher, but that seems about it, and
thanks for allowing your trust as you accept me with equal
trust! coool-and Kudo's up Render girl. Good luck on your

Here are the likely area breakdowns I managed to scrap into
categories. Though a face to face with Susan is going to be
neccessary due to my mathematics weakness and how it
can befundle me, It is the best at the moment I can do.

Facts and Numbers that confuse wrote:
Focused Areas of Strength: +2 to +3
These were the MIQ Results: Organized by decline ration

Creativiey +2.4..............(using my own ideas in a job)
Independence +2.2.......(working alone in a job)
Responsibility +2.0........(making my own decisions on a job)
Ability Utilization +2.......(using my abilities in a job)
Focused Areas of Strength:
G = General learning Ability (96) or average- teaching, learning, & training in a job
V = Verbal Ability (95) or average- The using and grasping of words in a job
N = Numerical Ability (92) or average- Technical skills and stuctures
S = Spatial Ability (97) or average- artistic characteristics and skills in a job
Very High Characteristics:
•Artistic Creativity
•Producing Visual Arts
•Producing Music
•Producing Drama's
•Conductiong Scientific Experiments
•Creating Art
•Appreciative Eye for Art

S.I.I Overviewed wrote:
This is it's basic outline breakdown(S.I.I)
Applied Arts

Very High level Job Skills
•Technical Writing
•Making Music
•Art Teacher
•College Professor

Basic Interest Scales:


More Interest: Mechanical Activities(53)


More Interest: Medical Science(60), Science(65)

...Investigative: (high interest category)
•Audiologist(57 out of 61 average)
•College Professor(56 out of 58 average)
•Psychologist(53 out of 54 average)


More Interest:
Music(68 ), Dramatics(68 ), Art(64), Applied Arts(67), Writing(65)

...Artistic: (high interest category)
•Architect(52 out of 52 average)
•Art Teacher(57 out of 60 average)
•Broadcaster(57 out of 57 average)
•Librarian(58 out of 62 average)
•Musician(59 out of 65 average)
•Photographer(52 out of 52 average)
•Reporter(57 out of 60 average)
•Sociologist(57 out of 57 average)
•Technical Writer(59 out of 71 average)
•Translator(58 out of 59 average)


More Interest: Teaching(63), Medical Services(62)

...Social: (high interest category)
•Elementary School Teacher(55 out of 56 average)
•Occupational Therapist(52 our of 52 average)
•Special Education Teacher(54 out of 54 average)


More Interest: Public Speaking(60),


More Interest: Computer Activities(63), Office Services(59)

M.A.T.B Strengths wrote:
G V N S type: M.A.T.B -Strengths
Air & Water Vehicle Operations @GNS w/21 options available
Child Care @G w/32 options available
Drama Performing Arts @GV w/23 options available
Dance Performing Arts @GS w/4 options available
Engineering @GNS w/152 options available
Engineering Technology @GNS w/111 options available
Law @GVN w/21 options available- Judge, lawyer, Tax Attorney's, ect...
Life Sciences @GVNS w/50 options available
Laboratory Technology @GN w/66 options available
Managerial Work @GVNS w/67 options available
Mathematics and Statistics @GVNS w/19 options available
Medical Sciences @GVNS w/ 44 options available
Physical Sciences @GVNS w/28 options available
Plants/Animals managerial Work @GN w/49 options available
Security Services @G w/25 options available
Social Research @GVN w/26 options available

M.I.Q Suggestions Categorized wrote:
Suggested MIQ (S) jobs: Rough list! using the Satisfactory level results

Education: Basic
School Councelor
Elementary School Teacher
Secondary School Teacher

Education: Adult
Vocational Rehabilitation Councelor
Vocational Evaluator
Vocational School Instructor
Adult Education Teacher
Private Employment Agency Councelor
occupational Therapist
Speech pathologist

Art: Misclanteous
Interior Designer/Decorator
Commercial illustrator/Artist
Photoengraver(stripper of...)?
Commercial Photographer
Process Artist

Professional: Misclanteous

Writing: Misclanteous
Weekly Newspaper Publisher
Technical Writer(Publications)

Technical: Misclanteous
Electrical Technician
Electronics Mechanic
Stationary Engineer
Engineering Dept. Chief
Mechanical-Engineering Technician
Electrical Engineer
Civil Engineer
Programmer(Business, Engineering, Science,...ect)

Psychology: Misclanteous
Clinical Psychologist
Counceling Psychologist

Odds & Ends: Misclanteous

This will be emailed to Susan and I hope she and I
can have a face to face meetiing to discuss the next
step result and how to approach it, and as you can
tell this is not a simple document for me, perhaps
others are more gifted in this stuff than me?



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14 Nov 2005, 11:53 pm

Hey Ghosthunter, if it helps, I think what Susan wants is for you to pick one or two possible careers from the list, so that she can know exactly what kind of training to arrange for you. She can't train you in 20 things at once... so I'm sure it would help her for you to pick out your top choice.