Doctor swears at woman who has been in labor 3 days

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04 Oct 2008, 1:07 pm

Homebirths can be far safer for mother and child than hospital births. If there are no risk factors to say that a hospital is safer, (like my delayed clotting factor), then birthing at home is generally quieter, calmer, and does not expose the child to the illnesses and bacteria commonly found in hospitals. Generally, rest is better at home too. I remember when I had my daughter I wanted to go postal on the hospital staff because they kept waking me up every two hours to check my stats. My daughter was in my room because of a staff infection in the nursery air vents, so every time the walked in, they woke her up. Granted, I lost a lot of blood after I had her, but I didn't feel "cared" for, I felt exhausted. All that being said, I firmly believe that it is up to what the woman feels best with. My daughter had her children in a hospital, but with a midwife. The midwife was there the majority of the time and my daughter had access to an epidural, which turned out to wonderful since my grandson came out reaching for freedom and that made it hard for her to actually get the head out. I don't think poorly of her for having her children in a hospital OR for using drugs to make it easier. Having babies is hard work and it should be done in the safest and most comfortable way for mother and baby.

As for homeschooling. My children were 16 months apart in age. My son, the oldest, homeschooled instead of high school and it was best for him. (He went to the local high school for music class.) My daughter went to high school and earned her diploma, and that was best for her. Both of them are very bright and have gone on to college. In fact, both of them are planning to return to college eventually and get higher degrees. It isn't appropriate to be dismissive of the choices people make. Each individual needs to make choices for themselves and their loved ones based on what they feel is best. If they're wrong, then they should try to learn from it and go on.