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04 Dec 2008, 4:25 pm

If my parents hadn't taken me out of public school in fifth grade I would either be in jail or be dead by now. Go for it. If you are worried about not being "qualified" to teach or have no idea where to start, there are tons of books and recourses and most public school teachers aren't "qualified" either. If you think you will need a break now and then, maybe your husband could teach her a few subjects (my dad LOVES history and is sometimes my history teacher). If you are worried about her not getting enough proper socialization that is the biggest lie. Sitting in a classroom with 30 plus other people your own age isn't real socialization. Where in the real world are you going to be forced to sit in the same room with 30 plus other people the same age as you? REAL socialization involves interacting with people of all different ages. Children with AS are often easy pickings for bullies and putting a child with AS in that kind of environment is like putting a goldfish into a shark tank. Look for homeschooling groups or library clubs. Perhaps the two of you could volunteer at a nursing home or something. Even parents of NT children say public and sometimes even private schools are terrible.