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23 Dec 2008, 12:09 pm

I went on a cruise and was gone all last week. While in one of the ports, I went to a nice beach and had a good time. However, while there, I was trying to talk to a middle-aged couple about the nice dogs on the island. They told me that they didn't speak english and spoke spanish. In response, I introduced myself in spanish and asked them their names but they ignored me. Not only that, I noticed that they got really quiet amongst themselves and spoke in English in a really low voice. Moreoever, the two of them were American and had used a fake accent. On top of that, they were other passengers on the ship. So, when I walked by them, I said "Adios, by the was you are terrible liars and you deserve academy awards for your fake accents, not!" After that, the two of them stared at me everytime I walked by them on the ship. Honestly, I don't understand human nature.