Department of Rehabilitation (vocational rehabilitation)

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26 Dec 2005, 11:17 pm

If you have trouble getting and/or keeping a job because of your "mental disability" and want to work, you may be eligible for FREE services from the local office of your state-run Department of Rehabiliation (the specific program is called "vocational rehabilitiation" or "voc rehab."
In the front white pages, government section of the phone book, state government offices, you should find "Department of Rehabilitation." You can then call them and tell them that you have a mental condition called Asperger Syndrome (and/or whatever else you may have) and that you would like to apply and make an appointment. They will take your name and address and send you an application form. Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) works with ALL types of disabilities in every category.


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28 Dec 2005, 3:38 am

Once you get through the red tape of the whole thing, it is very helpful. I've been working with that organization and now over a year after starting, I'm getting the interview training I really need as it's the biggest obstacle to me getting a job. The reason it took so long was that there's a lot of breaucratic BS you have to go through first.

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29 Dec 2005, 2:38 am

Yes...I went this route being eligible for these services after I turned 18. Yes, there is "bureaucratic bs" as the previous poster said; also I lost an additional year in my case because I got put on a waiting list when services were scaled back in order for my state to balance its budget one year. It ended up a success, just not on the timetable I would have hoped for. Being young, having never had employment before and not having a good feel for what valuable skills I might have been able to bring to the table I was not very pro-active initially in the beginning of my dealings with this agency; I kind of let the counselor I was meeting with at the agency talk me into entering this one training program. Who knows what might have turned out differently if I had looked hard into other various options...but anyhow I'd advise anyone going this route to use informational resources out there to make informed choices when going through this and be pro-active. It would have helped my confidence through the process if I had had some type of experience or educational backround to go on, but it worked out in its strange twisted way. Never give up.