Car dealerships taking advantage of my dad!

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29 Mar 2009, 1:40 pm

I am so sick of this! My dad's car died completely several months ago. He had gone to a car dealership, and they had been so bad. They literally followed him into the bathroom haranguing him to get him to buy one of their cars. My dad got so upset, that he had to leave and he called my mother (his ex wife) and asked for what to do. He's looking for a car like my brothers, but in a different color.

So, anyway, yesterday my dad was out looking for cars. He sent me a message saying he felt like a zebra being invited to dinner by a family of lions. anyway, long story short, he got himself all worked up and sick, and these as*holes said they had a car in the exact same color and model he was looking for, but it was stored off-site. he was to come back early in the morning, and they would have it for him.

THEY LIED! They tricked him. It's the time they set and no car!! ! I'm so angry! My mom keeps trying to convince him to go to the one my brother went to, although it is awhile away from my dad's house. He's ahd to use my grandparents ancient old falling about truck for a long while now. and he's an aspie, so he is more susceptible to being taken advantage of. :(

Blargh, I'm so angry!


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29 Mar 2009, 7:22 pm

if its a used car he is after,why doesnt he look in car sales magazines,free ads or online in places like ebay instead,and get someone who knows cars/how they work very well to go with him when going for a look? sister and her boyfriend have always bought their cars like that.

am in process of getting a car as well-for staff to drive self [am able to get one 'free' through motability], and the polar ford dealership in stockport have been nothing but helpful-gave lots of info on motability as well.
It probably depends on the size of the dealers-eg,if there's a lot of people working there,as to whether are going to end up with being stalked by their staff to buy something.
what about trying smaller garages/dealers?

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29 Mar 2009, 7:34 pm

Warn your Dad not to eat or drink anything at the dealership, they have been know to slip people drugs, then they wake up in the back seat half way to Nevada, with all the signed papers.

Sales are down 50%, they will try anything.


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30 Mar 2009, 10:46 pm

^ :lol:

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