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10 Apr 2012, 4:32 pm

Suppose someone install something to prevent as much as possible to slip a virus to affect the real system instead of a virtualized ones while having multiple firewalls such as threatfire+comodo+a program that will prevent registry changes all on max setting. The virtualization method is running programs through bufferzonepro. The other part of the setup is that the real system is limited on network connection while the TCP/IP is being monitored to check everything is normal and preventing as much as possible from anything from running inside the real system. One more part of the setup is the the browser itself is into live mode meaning that the virtualizer will wipe data if it not in use. The browser has plugins to prevent unwanted scripts from running. How secure is this Windows setup exactly and where is the workaround?

Also, there are methods where you can change the kernal of Windows 32-bit edition by your own wills and not by unwanted rootkits or the likes if you google a bit.

Am I getting the strange feeling that OSes will not matter much in the near future regarding usage and security especially if the person is deciding on OSes is knowledgeable enough to know what exactly to do.