Let's Talk About Transporter Refueled Movie

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19 Sep 2015, 1:58 am

The Transporter Refueled Movie budget is $22 million and as the date of 13th September 2015 it’s collects the more than double of the movie budget means if I’m say clearly it’s collects the $46.1 million on the world wide box office. In this movie you can see Ed Skrein played the lead role of Frank Martin as a transporter. The Transporter franchise said this time they totally change the old cast instead of some character like the Transporter father role and many more. The New Chapter of the Transporter Movie is full of Action and you can see some amazing cars stunting scenes but after all the some scenes audience didn’t like the movie too much and they give the really negative reviews to Transporter Refueled movie.


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30 Sep 2015, 9:05 pm

Critics tore this one apart, but they were never big fans of the first three if I recall. I bought those three on Blu-ray and enjoyed them, though I never bothered with the TV series. I may pick up Refueled when it inevitably ends up in the $7 bin at Walmart.