What is your favorite (fill in the blank)

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Snowy Owl
Snowy Owl

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24 Nov 2012, 12:19 am

My favorites are:

number: 10
color: blue or green
animal: tapir
bird: peacock
movie: aliens
musical group: Depeche Mode
Gemstone: malachite
Place: probably hawaii
food: Chinese or Japanese
Element (classic 4): fire

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24 Nov 2012, 12:39 am

number: 3 (I was the 3rd born child)
colour: red (that's obvious)
animal: rabbit (had a pet rabbit named Master & Commander)
bird: black crow (boy, they're intelligent!)
movie: Amadeus (it contains everything - great drama, great music, great costumes, great lines "Mediocrities of the world, I am your patron saint and I absolve you!)
music group: oy! touch choice. I vacillate between the Beatles and Led Zeppelin.
Gemstone: Ruby or emerald
Place: Xanadu or Shangri-La. Any place that's peaceful such as a remote island or small town.
food: Chinese with Indian a very close second.
Element: water


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24 Nov 2012, 12:46 am

Number: 13
Color: Blue
Bird: Dove
Movie: "Labyrinth," "Interview With The Vampire"
Musical group: Name a hair band from the 80s and I'll probably like it. :lol:
Gemstone: Ruby, sapphire
Place: New Orleans (and not just because I like "Interview With The Vampire." :mrgreen:)
Food: Seafood, especially oysters
Element (classic 4): Water

Sea Gull
Sea Gull

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24 Nov 2012, 12:51 am

My favorites are:

number: 7
color: brown
animal: ferret
bird: hummingbird
movie: Princess Bride
musical group: depends on genre
Gemstone: sapphire
Place: israel
food: potatoes
Element (classic 4): fire

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24 Nov 2012, 12:59 am

number: 4
color: purple
animal: panda
bird: pelican
movie: Hunger Games
musical group: not sure
Gemstone: my birthstone, diamond
Place: Nova Scotia
food: pizza
Element (classic 4): water

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Sea Gull
Sea Gull

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24 Nov 2012, 1:33 am

number: 7
color: blue
animal: crow
bird: ^^^^^
movie: The Dark Knight
musical group: right now, Underoath (it varies)
Gemstone: ruby
Place: rural upstate NY
food: Japanese or Indian
Element (classic 4): fire

Emu Egg
Emu Egg

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25 Nov 2012, 9:50 am

i love 4pm that time of day
i love horror movies
i love new age music like leftfield, juno reactor, delerium, dead can dance, pc game music
i enjoy church
i walk and cycle regularly
i love sweet stuff, trying to lose weight,
i have got a mega crush on costas mandylor from the saw movies
i enjoy playing rocks and diamonds on the pc
i collect vw beetles, talk photos, i have 144 concepts and about 20-30 bugs
i catalogue things - i make a note of what i buy on a regular basis and make a note of the price each week they change, i make a list of vw beetles, and war movies, and my dvds, my favourite colour is purple, but if i am using colouring pens my first choice is red


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25 Nov 2012, 1:11 pm

Number: 7;
Color: Black, white and gray;
Animal: Hoerses and wolves;
Bird: Eaglea and hawks;
Movie: No one in particular, generally sci-fi movies;
Musical group: No one in particular, generally Heavy Metal groups;
Gemstone: Amethyst;
Place: My room;
Food: The food my mother cooks;
Element (classic 4): Earth and fire.

Please write in a simple English; I'm Italian, so I might misunderstand the sense of your sentence.
You can talk me in Spanish and Italian, too.

Emu Egg
Emu Egg

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26 Nov 2012, 12:23 pm

Number: 17
Color: Green
Animal: Ocelot
Bird: Eagle
Movie: Bruce Almighty
Musical Group: Elvis
Gemstone: Emerald
Place: Washington, D.C.
Food: Chicken
Element: Earth

Yellow-bellied Woodpecker
Yellow-bellied Woodpecker

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27 Nov 2012, 9:05 pm

number: 73 and 23
color: red and black
animal: my cats
bird: cardinal
movie: Slapshot
musical group: Guns N' Roses, but been on a real Weezer kick lately
Gemstone: Don't really have a favorite
Place: Post Office Square in Boston
food: depends on when you ask me. could really go for some sushi right now.
Element (classic 4): fire


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27 Nov 2012, 10:04 pm

number: 42
color: navy blue
animal: moose
bird: owl
movie: Gattaca
musical group: Nightwish
Gemstone: saphire
Place: my mind
food: Italian
Element (classic 4): Water

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28 Nov 2012, 6:10 am

my faves are:
number: any prime number
musical instrument: the organ stop wurlitzer in mesa, AZ
movie: the crying game [tied with hedwig and the angry inch]
desert: chocolate cream cheese topped with cherry pie filling, whipped cream, atop a shell of crumbled baked chocolate graham crackers
meal: pizza hut stuffed-crust pizza with the works on it
car: late 80s caddilac sedan devilles with cloth interior
comfort food: cheddar-fried onions [tied with potato pancakes]
colors: anything red, bronze, gold or multicolored
money: canadian money
wood wall paneling: matte burled walnut
website: wrong planet
musical genre: oldies of most kinds of music [tied with new age]
favorite loudspeaker: the magnapan magnaplanar tympani IV [tied with the quad classic electrostat]


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10 Nov 2013, 2:36 am

Number: 8
Colour: Dark Blue
Animal: Sei Whale
Bird: Owl
Movie: Transformers -The Dark of the Moon
Musical Group: Disturbed
Composer: Debussy
Gemstone: Sapphire
Place: Port Waikato beach on a stormy day
Food: Pasta
Element (classic 4): Earth


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10 Nov 2013, 10:20 am

number: 8
color: Pink
animal: Cat
bird: Penguin
movie: Happy Gilmore
musical group: Styx
Gemstone: Opal
Place: Home (where the heart is)
food: Pasta or Mexican food
Element (classic 4): Air

Black cat on duty


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17 Nov 2014, 10:55 pm

Number: 7
Color: Blue
Animal: Tie between Tapirs and Rhinos
Bird: I love each and every bird (I am an avid and devoted birdwatcher), but the ones I like observing the most are corvids, especially Common Ravens.
Movie: WALL-E
Musical Group: Most late 50s and early 60s groups, hard to pick just one favorite
Gemstone: Emerald
Place: Paris, France
Food: Mexican
Element (classic 4): Earth


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18 Nov 2014, 1:35 pm

Well, I guess I can tell about the things I like to start with:

Number: 1
Color: Green
Animal: Tiger
Bird: Undecided
Movie: Star Wars
Musical Group: Journey
Gemstone: Opal
Place: Undecided
Food: Italian
Element (classic 4): Water