Driving/delivery jobs, anyone have one?

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07 May 2010, 9:44 am

Just wondering if there is anybody here who has ever worked as a delivery person (not pizza) or other job like a courier? Can you please tell me your experiences?

I'm thinking of quitting my office job and becoming an owner/driver courier in a few years time providing I can afford to buy my own transporter van.
I like driving and it's something I'd be willing to do as an occupation.


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07 May 2010, 10:34 am

Although not specificly a delivery driver I do often do deliveries, collections in a car or hire van and do quite enjoy driving it is important to have a hands free set for the phone and not be afraid to cut people off or ignore them if your busy but there is no job without stress and people will always expect you to cross a city clogged with traffic in an impossible time and complain when your late :(
Other than that I can enjoy it :)

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09 May 2010, 12:15 am

I worked as a customer-service driver for the local newspaper, a number of years ago. Basically I took papers out to folks that got missed by their carrier, if the carrier was shorted any papers, or any other needs that paper might have (such as collecting money and minor repairs on vending boxes, picking up yesterday's papers from the shops, etc).

I personally enjoyed the job, especially if the paper sent you out of town. I could listen to music, drive around town, but at the same time do a job. The worst part of the job, was the winter weather and having to drive in it, and if a carrier called in sick, we had to do his route.

I worked three days a week at this job for a couple of years. At the time, it only paid a dollar or two above minimum wage, plus milage.

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13 May 2010, 9:57 pm

I was a Driver (Truck Driver, that is--18-wheeler; also 6 wheel, 24' straight truck) many years ago. Basically I loved it!

Like any other job, you run into your share of idiots, in the form of dispatchers, consigners, consignees, and of course, the 4-wheelers (car drivers).

Altho I've been off the road for nearly 10 years, I've kept my Class-A CDL current, as I still have the opportunity to Drive now & then. At my current job, those with a valid Class A or Class B CDL are occasionally permitted to pull trucks in & out of the shop when the Driver can't do it for whatever reason.

I know a lot of Aspies do well with with some sort of regimentation/regularity in their schedule. There are a lot of rules you have to follow as a Driver, which mostly make sense. And then there's the paperwork you have to keep organized! If you're lucky enough to get a dedicated run, that can be really nice; it's almost like commuting.

A word of warning, tho: Driving can be VERY difficult on a relationship. It's best for someone who's single & doesn't mind never being home. Being an Owner-Op is very difficult, financially. It's best to be a company driver, as the company pays for repairs & fuel.

On the other hand, some of scenery in the country is just absolutely MAGNIFICANT! Just set the cruise, sit back, & enjoy the ride. Pay varies widely according to experience. Ten years ago, I was taking home an avg. of $425/week. I'm not sure what the current pay scale is.

As far as being a local delivery driver, many of the jobs (specifically, Fed-Ex & UPS) have a minimum strength requirement. Panel trucks & High-cubes, as far as I know, don't require a CDL. If you're thinking something bigger, like beer or soda, you'll need a CDL.

Hope this helps....