Getting overly emotional during menstration about rejection

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22 Jul 2011, 1:34 pm

I sometimes will be talking to someone who happens to be in a bad mood and will snap or act really cold towards me and sometimes ask me to leave them alone and mind my own buisness and get doing what I have doing.

I typically break down during my period whenever someone is under a lot of stress and wants their own space and I try to be nice and they suddenly snap to tell me to leave them alone and mind my own business. This is due to being rejected and hurt so many times by other people because I am different and having them yell at me for no reason to shut up or stay out of a group setting. I also also recently rejected by a co-worker who I thought was my friendby acting and talking to me like that when she really wasn't by badmouthing me and spreading lies behind my back.

So, I ended up sitting and crying and for few hours calling this or that person mean for not being nice to me like they should all the time. (This happened today with a different co-worker who I usually get along with when I happened to see him outside appearing to look for sometime. So I called out his name twice and asked what he was doing, but he snapped and said, "What?" I then asked him again, and he said, "Don't even worry about me and go do what you were doing," and did the shoo gesture).

Does anyone else here struggle with that problem?


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22 Jul 2011, 2:51 pm

I think that a lot of woman are more emotional and vulnerable before or during their period.
I sure am. When you are having your period it can be even more difficult to deal with the world because you loose all sense of proportion from time to time and you don't take things as well as you normally do. I think that most woman have these symptoms more or less and when you are a bit different it's even harder. It's all very recognizable to me.

But I do wonder why other people are so rude to you. Maybe they are the ones who have a problem instead of you. Other people are not perfect either you see. You may think that the reactions of others are your fault but that's not always the case.