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04 Oct 2009, 12:37 am

I was just wondering what the other types of autism are other than Asperger's?
The only other kind I know of is the type they always show on TV with those kids that don't talk and live in their own little world and start freaking at the slightest provocation...
BTW, what happens to those kids when they grow up? Do they ever start talking and living a semi-normal life, or do they stay like that forever?


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04 Oct 2009, 2:08 am

There is Kanner's autism. The most well known description of autism to the mainstream world. Those kids you described could be low functioning and sometimes they do talk, and learn skills but sometimes they don't.
People they have a language delay after 3 years are diagnosed as autistic even if they are more high functioning. High functioning autism is similar to Asperger's but with Asperger's there may be no significant language delay.
Then there is Rhett's syndrome which is a degenerative disease, where the person loses motor skills and speech (I think). PDD-NOS is those that don't fit the autism description.

You could google search Autistic Spectrum to get more accurate descriptions.

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