Who is interested in meeting up in NYC?

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23 Aug 2016, 6:35 pm

Hi, I'm Dillon.

I am interested in finding some new friends to hang out with in NYC. I am open to doing many activities like going to Irish pubs or clubs with awesome dance songs, walking in the parks, visiting museums, and trying new restaurants. Mainly interested in meeting people within the age range of 21-28. Sorry, but anyone much older would make me uncomfortable. I was also interested in finding some autism groups in NYC, which emphasize socializing and fun activities. If you are aware of any such groups then feel free to send me info. I will definitely search online to see if there are any groups, but nothing beats word of mouth from people on the spectrum.

About me: I'm 26 years old, male, and a student at Columbia majoring in mathematics. I practice/play classical guitar, enjoy hiking, biking, rock climbing, and also cooking with friends. Last meal I made was sautéed Sole fish tacos. I would say I have good taste in music. My favorite band is Muse (just saw them live) and I enjoy other types of live music such as Jazz, folk, EDM and classical. I also like to exercise and stay physically active. Usually I hike on hills or mountains and also enjoy weight lifting. I'm basically someone who is always trying to stay busy.

Well, that's about it and if you're interested then feel free to reply to this post. Cheers!! !