How do you feel about clothes shopping?

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How do you feel about clothes shopping
Love 6%  6%  [ 9 ]
Like 5%  5%  [ 8 ]
Dont mind 15%  15%  [ 23 ]
Dislike 28%  28%  [ 42 ]
Hate 45%  45%  [ 68 ]
Total votes : 150

Emu Egg
Emu Egg

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26 Aug 2019, 3:11 pm

I HATE shopping, it’s so difficult for me to explain what I want and most of the time it is ignored If you ask me do you like this and I have to say no I don’t like it because it is strapless or is those damn skinny jeans and I have already told you 5 times that that’s the reason why I didn’t like it and you pick out another strapless dress to ask me if I like it then I am done and want to leave, I don’t care how many times you say I would look good in it!
I also get overwhelmed with the ridiculous amount of clothes to try sifting through just trying to find something that I like that feels good and FITS!! !! It is a nightmare!
And my family doesn’t understand granted my mom and my little sister are shopaholic clothes hoarders with both of them having over 50 pairs of shoes individually while I am happy with 4 good pairs really why do you need more when you aren’t going to wear them.
Right now I am struggling to find some good pairs of pants but everything around here is damn skinny jeans, short shorts, has rips and tears in them already, shows off your ass and pantries, or is made of uncomfortable material. I am frustrated trying to buy online because I can’t feel the materials first and half the time it doesn’t fit right even if you try a size bigger or smaller.
Finding shirts is a bit easier and recently my husband and I have been designing the art and getting it on T-shirts through threadless which makes that easy finding shirts that I like the look of, but it only helps that area and not the things that I am needing to get, but I hate shopping in stores especially big brand name ones and the mall!
I wish it was easier and less stressful