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09 Jul 2015, 1:48 pm

I speak in a very soft voice all the people that I've talked with tells me to speak louder and my classmates and friends would confront how soft I speak and told me that they wish to hear my shout. I tried taking a video of myself speaking about a certain topic and was a bit shocked how in my obliviosness out from my own hearing when words come out my mouth I really speak in monotone. But in our speech communications class when we had individual performances like oration, I spoke in loud voice but is monotonous and I can't seem to modulate it well. Those times many of my classmates told me how they're glad to hear my more audible voice, but since that subject was done, casually I knew I'll be back to my old self, but gladly more audible than before it. Idk. Maybe it's caused by my shyness or anxiousness. But there are times when I'm on an ecstatic and confident state that in front of the class I speak still softly, though I try my best to increase its volume.


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09 Jul 2015, 2:15 pm

I haven't looked this up recently, but when I read about it a few years ago I learned that most people modulate their voice and facial expressions based on the reaction of other people. Supposedly we start doing this as very young children and aren't really conscious of it. Some people are less in tune with other people's reactions, so they haven't learned to adapt their voice and/or facial expressions. This can lead to having a voice that is monotone, and/or too loud or soft.

You could try to keep practicing the things you learned in your class, then periodically check up on yourself by doing another video. You could even keep the videos to see your progress. I bet it will feel weird for awhile to change the way you speak. Like you might feel like you're shouting even though you're just speaking at a regular volume for other people.