I cant be friends with this really great girl

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15 Aug 2015, 8:43 pm

Because I cant get over my crush on her even though we are not each others type. She slept with me and cuddled all night and it meant something to me while it was just a mistake for her. The sex had SO much romantic tension to it. She really wants to be friends and cares about me, and I really care about her but now I want a relationship. We love each other's company, we have some weird emotional connection, but we cant hang out together anymore.

Oh, she is a 30 year old heavy drug user who is kinda slu*ty and still in love with her ex she cheated on. I'm a 21 year old college nerd who just smokes weed every day and am looking for love. Neither of us is each others types. We both have drastically different life styles

I was living a boring, but peaceful stress free life. She came around, turned it into chaos and I loved her for it. She is a horrible person for me but I want her.

We work together to.