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Blue Jay
Blue Jay

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10 Aug 2016, 7:32 am

My sense of interest has been never been narrow. In fact it is usually very deep. The criteria of deepness that I set to myself hardly never is achievable therefore it is perfect reason to drop it. Once the area has been systematically toughly reverse engineered it makes no sense to dwell into details. Details are just distraction meaningless trivia for me once the framework has been set ie system is ready, abstracted to a level where it meets my standards. Therefore it is time for me to look for something new.


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10 Aug 2016, 7:36 am

If you have a deep interest in, say, screws, yet have no interest in nails, I would say that you have a "narrow" interest.

Same if you only have an deep interest in Bartlett pears, and little interest in Bosc pears.


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10 Aug 2016, 4:35 pm

English isn't my mother language but from what I understand deep isn't the opposite of narrow. it goes like this:
Narrow = not wide
Shallow = not deep

Narrow interests are usually deep (you dig into a single topic as much as you can) and wide interests are usually shallow (you swipe through many topics but pay much attention to none).

It is only true for people with average or bellow average intelligence.

Highly intelligent/learning loving people usually have deep and wide interests. However they might not think their interests are really deep because they often choose to switch to something else before they fully master one thing - because one interest is related to another it is impossible to learn everything. But compared to average people - they know a lot of things about anything that ever interested them.

I also don't think my interests are that deep - but people often consider me an expert in what I like. You can ask me about something I was interested in 10 years ago and I will still give you a proper lecture because I still remember and understand it. I might not remember names but I remember the whole process how something works and relates.

BTW. Is your personality type INTP?