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Is hearing voices bad if the voices are genuinely insightful and helpful?( I don't actually hear "voices", it's just a hypothetical that this post led me to)
Yes, it's bad and you should feel bad. 9%  9%  [ 1 ]
Nope. If they're helping, how is it an issue? Might confuse some NTs though. 73%  73%  [ 8 ]
No. You're fine. Put down the knife. J...Just sit down. We can talk about this. 18%  18%  [ 2 ]
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27 Dec 2008, 8:07 am

Sometimes people accuse me of talking just to hear myself talk.
Or rambling.

I do it to fill the empty spaces.
They feel awkward, forced. I realize sometimes how silly it is, and go into a whole shtick about how unusual it is that I'm talking about the eight circuit model of consciousness in a friend's living room at three AM while others doze around me.
Other times, as a reflex, when I don't know things, I will rationalize what probably happened, and spit it up as fact. Rationalization is my big crutch. If I can come up with a reason, it's justifiable, that's why that happened. I never do things without reasons. People always tell me "you have an excuse for everything" But, they're not excuses. They're reasons I had beforehand that I didn't explain before doing whatever it is I did because it would have taken me weeks to explain why I was going to do something.

What goes on inside another person's head? Are all the voices in my head (not hearing voices literally) Working together and planning my every action absent in other people? Is there a nice quiet hum in their place? I wish I had that Hum sometimes. I bet the hum is nice. But I would miss my conspirators, my planners. They help me look at all sides of a problem, and offer honest critique. I can't get honest judgment from anyone but them. I hear them whenever I need to think on something really hard, they're all my voice. Do you know what I mean?

Me 1: We should go to the mall with the theater.
Me 2: Are there any movies out we want to see?
Me 3: Don't remember any, we should watch more TV.
Me 4: We should get snacks beforehand, mention that, the others will think it's clever.
Me 5: Ask them what movies are playing.
Me 6: Don't! sneak it into conversation and have them give you the answer, it'll look smarter.
Me 7: Don't do that, you'd look like a dick.
Me 8: They would never know.
Me 9: No, you would though.

Me: Hey guys, let's go to the movies. Let's stop and get snacks though.

All of those numbered versions of me are occurring almost simultaneously, cutting each other off and forming my action in a situation. My internal monologue is crowded, maybe that's why I have trouble dealing with others, I'm already working with (almost) my capacity of people just trying to decide what to do.

Anyways that's how my thought process works. That and lots of imaginary scenarios.

How's yours work?

For Duty and Humanity,
Kyle Quinn

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27 Dec 2008, 9:49 am

In itself, hearing voices is neither good nor bad.

But what it would point to is a strong likelihood of schizophrenia.
And the problem with schizophrenia is that one of its symptoms is also psychosis (loss of touch with reality) - again, in itself, not necessarily good or bad ... unless it endangers or impairs your own or someone else's life.

The difficulty lies in the fact that there's no way of knowing whether the voices will remain benign or become malicious and more influential over the individual's thinking and behaviour.

Statistically, schizophrenics are rarely a danger to themselves or others.
But given the potentially serious nature of the diagnosis, it would be aswell for anyone hearing voices to seek a medical opinion/dx.