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Huckleberry Finn

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27 Nov 2023, 5:59 pm

I'll go back to the post above for a moment.

Your Daughter in Tennessee.

You certainly have extraordinary states.

I also wrote a short email to your daughter a few days ago, to find out how your health was.

But I had to use a new one because mine didn't work, in case you have another way to contact me.

For now it seems less complicated to stay here, I will only write in this thread because you are there, I owe it to you because you did everything to bring me back here, and I owe it to you because with the first cancellation I asked for my threads to be removed.
So Meet an Alien disappeared away too.

It could be useful to others, after all those threads remained for years and I was struck by the too many views, we had exceeded 5300 if I'm not mistaken.

It could perhaps be useful to those who read my posts with extreme patience and yours were very clear instead.

I also wanted to write that in my post where I write about 2 Es and giftedness I immediately reread the part that actually related to you.

That is: you are definitely 2 E mentally gifted.

So the words you can't pronounce are simple, right.

But they are key words, I studied them in Neurology.

Something impacts at the level of that linguistic sectorality.

You certainly have them clear in mind because you don't have a pathology (they are used as detectors of some forms of dementia for example), you have had a stroke.

You've recovered quite a bit, because basically you're special.

In addition to doctors.
In addition to your commitment.
In addition to the luck that helps special people, and you are.

Regarding Covid, never trust vaccination coverage.

You did something right.

But it's a subtle disease.

This time I immediately became aware of having it.

So I reacted immediately.

Despite this he proved to be particularly aggressive.

I was good at this.

I consider myself very lucky.

Ok I understood several things because I knew them well.

And I understood that he was getting worse instead of finishing his 6-day course for vaccinated people.

Instead it got worse: you couldn't do the last part of the treatment at home.

After recovery from stroke it would be too risky.

Better a specific structure against viruses.

We have 3.

No one died in the Covid period of 2019/20 in those facilities, because the numbers at the time were very high.


In the thread you have an indication of an excellent supplement, and a very useful syrup that avoids damage due to coughing, calms it and is a non-invasive medicine.

In this case, be careful because it thins the secretion of mucus a lot, and should be stopped when you are in symptomatic remission.

It should be done when the mucus is too intense.

In the meantime it must be eliminated.

I found some Ted tv videos about the Bolte Taylor.

Fantastic woman.

Even if they often underestimate women, in my opinion the most useful Nobels will prove to be those of women, some of which will be understood perhaps in 20 years.

I know you are an expert on this disease, and among other things when you wrote about it here, it was at incredible levels with us.

But they didn't mention us.

We weren't making international news.

We made the news when the cases reached 100,000.

But the curve had not yet reached its all-time high.

In Europe they took it lightly.

But we don't.

But they left us completely alone.

We bought almost every material and medicine.

Ultimately we were struck by what we had created in good faith with the Chinese, the French and the USA, but for research purposes, therefore for aid, not as they made it.

*Now be careful because the cases will affect children.


We need to be careful about everything that comes to us as misinformation from that dictatorial state, because it has a purpose.
And it doesn't help or share real scientific data.

But they will be mystified.

Our virologists have already clarified this.

We will no longer put any trust in China in this.

I may be wrong (I hope I'm wrong) but the infantile face is at risk of pneumonia and that will come from China.

It should be recalled by the O.M.S., but they won't do anything it's too powerful.

I remember that you wrote to me in private about the humidity of the air.

You know James I felt even the slightest change when I was sick.

Regarding the human mind, that's not what we know.

I realized that it is truly special.

Even when you feel bad you can sense something.

I remember writing about it, but during the peak intensity of the fever I was dreaming.

The dreams were not in my language, but I was scrolling through a text in ancient Hebrew, the absurd thing is that everything was clear to me, I understood it.

Part of me doesn't accept it: because it's hyperlogical.

But another yes, as my father was an ESP in the family.

I am too, but not at his level.

When you described to me the near-death experience and the return to the light, a very strong one.

Know that it is a very common experience for too many people not to be credible.

We don't understand something about this.

But something happens in human beings.

*You know once I was about 7/8 years old, my father traded in soft drinks.
And I was next to him.

2 things happened.

There were 4 people.

They were not so honest people let's say.

But I liked one.

He asked me for a can of beer.

I gave it to him.

My father scolded me, I told him it was his last beer.

In passing it to him there was an indirect contact: we both touched that container at the same time.

He appeared to me like a skeleton.

My father looked at me.

He predicted worse.

He said in front of me that they were going to die and not to take the car.

He told him how they would die.

They laughed.

They went out.

And it happened exactly as my father said.

I could also find that description in the newspaper article, also because that newspaper was the first in Europe to be put online.

There might even be.

These things have no rational logic.

So I never talk about it with anyone.

I couldn't argue with them: they are just like that.

The facts were different.

But he also did saving people.

And I saved him several times.

Even from a heart attack.

Even from the rupture of an aneurysm: no one could have predicted it.

I convinced my mother to tell him to get checked out.

Indirectly they came to understand what was at risk.

I studied every detail.

Even where it was most appropriate to operate it.

THAT was the key that helped me out of my stasis.

From that event several opportunities arose for me.

I exploited them as best I could.

I got better and better.

It was 6 years before they made me understand what I was.

Then another 9 for the diagnosis which I had finally accepted as it was very elaborate.

I already had one 7 years before, but the neurologist expert was not specialized in autism.

Even if he has Asperger's he knows it.

I've extended this answer a lot and the final part is missing which I can't complete now.

There are some steps missing, I already have them in mind, but I can't write them down immediately and send them now.

Here it is almost November 28, 2023.


Forests precede civilizations, deserts follow.

Huckleberry Finn

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28 Nov 2023, 4:50 am

Hi James, I'll take a little space to apologize because yesterday I was rereading a post of mine on a thread presenting an opener.

And due to my poor English speaking skills, I totally got one word wrong and luckily the algorithm put two asterisks to cover it.

It was out of context.
It had nothing to do with my post, but I wrote as a whole and it was an unpolite word.

It wasn't my intention, swearing was not allowed in my family.
And they bother me.

Yesterday I reread the post, and saw the error.

I'm sorry.


So James, regarding the words that you would have lost, I can write to you that you have lost them as a map tracing in your mind, you can't find them, but they are there, as are the places and the shops.

You gave some examples.

Know that they are still there.

Your mind keeps them, but you can't find them.

The consequences of a stroke, whether ischemic or hemorrhagic, depend on the part of the brain that is damaged: after a stroke a person may have movement problems, due to paralysis of the limbs on one side of the body, difficulty speaking or thinking.



They are normal.


I notice that sometimes you repeat complex sentences, and they are complex sentences even if repeated.

Since you repeat those, and they are complex, you have not lost any memories or words at all.

You can't find them but they are there.
First I listened to an interview with Jannik Sinner, who I've been following for 5 years now, since he wasn't famous.

He started playing tennis very late.

He used to ski.

Then at 13 he began to dedicate himself to continuous improvement in tennis.

I write about it because I observed the interview and its verbal and non-verbal language.

And look away.

And think like an autistic person would.
In Italian I decipher him better, even if he makes some mistakes in speaking.

Language allocations enter a brain area as a first language by age 7.

He learned Italian better after that age.

The thing that amazes me is his tendency to see things.


A spectator is sick.
In a remarkable audience.

He notices it and calls for help.

And until the rescue happens he doesn't move from that point.

In the interview I saw the exact same attitudes of many Aspergers, those of improving oneself.

These are generally INTJ characteristics.


It doesn't matter if we always maintain an error gap anyway, error is normal.

We always improve, but not in everything, but we also try to improve in everything.


He lost at Indian Wells.

He said in the interview.

And the following week his mind allowed him to analyze every detail.

And it got better.

The interviewer asked him: -"Can it improve in a week"?

He replied yes.

But his answer included something else in my opinion.

He had already thought about how to do it.

Except that that opportunity of losing allowed him to use those mistakes to correct them, so it's the work of the past.

In my opinion he could already have had this performance 3 years ago.

But like autistic people he needed time.

He only succeeded at 22 years old.

In ten days he won 3 times against the best player ever Djokovic and lost once because Nole played an exemplary match.

He is not diagnosed with autism, but it affects how he thinks and how he looks.

Forests precede civilizations, deserts follow.

jimmy m

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28 Nov 2023, 10:56 am

Huck Finn

It looks like I am three messages behind. You have been busy.

In the first message, you talked about driving through roundabout. In general there are not so many roundabout in the U.S. I do not like them either. Most of them are single lane roundabout. But in some cities they have two strips, one on the inside for a deep circle and one on the outside for the next exit.

I can only see two advantages to a roundabout. (1) there is no stop light, (2) the cars are moving in the same direction. So if there is an accident, in general, it causes little damage.

I learned to drive in my teen years, probably around age 16. I have driven about 1,000,000 miles (1.6 million kilometers) so far. I had a couple accidents during the first couple years, but then I took a course offered by the police that taught me the art of defensive driving. The week course taught me how to drive safely.


Then you went on to discuss 4 brain theory. This is more than a theory. She died and her brain was split into two halves. She recovered but instead of being her day time left dominant brain. She came back as a right side of the skull, night dominant brain. She was a totally different person. She was a top medical doctor using her left side brain. But she came back as a new age woman. Her brain was huge. It was like our brains. She could feel the entire world. But then her left side began to heal and wanted to become dominant again. She resisted for a few years and would not let it gain control. She finally negotiated a compromise and allowed it back into her life. This all occurred when she was around 35. She suffered a massive brain bleed stroke.

In her second book, she describes the theory of 4 brain theory.

I am different and I suspect you are also. I died when I was a child before I reached adulthood. I never made the transition where the two sides of the skull combine into one. I am a right dominant brain. My left side of my skull brain is separate. It was never joined. It lives in its own world in my REM and NREM sleep. This brain is designed to take all the knowledge and events of a day and store it away in long term memory. Then it does something very special. This is KEY. It eliminates all the information in short term memory. Therefore you do not even know that it exist. It is erased.

So the book by Jill is not us but it helps to explain our being. There are multiple brains that exist within us. But they are very different then the brains that exist in NTs.

Jill Bolte Taylor's book [Whole Brain Living] is very interesting. It begins to explain how the human brain is constructed. In a sense she died and became me for awhile. Her whole world changed. She changed and became a very different person for awhile. She became us.

If you ever get the chance get her book, the second one. It will explain a lot. It is not us but rather describes knowledge about who we are and why we are so very different then other NTs.

The human brain is a very advanced species. It has two brains. One on the left side of the skull and the other on the right side. They are two very different brains, two very different people.


In Jill's book, she spends an entire chapter describing each of the 4 characters. She describes me as Character 4 - Right Brain Thinking:

Welcome to our Character 4. I say our because this is the part of our consciousness, our right thinking brain that we share with one another, and all other life. I see the brain cells underlying our Character 4 at the portal through which the energy of the universe enters into and fuels every cell of our body. This energy and its consciousness fill up our entire being. We are swimming in it, and it is swimming in us. There is no separation. Our Character 4 is the all-knowing intelligence from which we came, and it is how we incarnate the consciousness of the universe.

This is how Jill begins the chapter describing Character 4.

jimmy m.

Author of Practical Preparations for a Coronavirus Pandemic.
A very unique plan. As Dr. Paul Thompson wrote, "This is the very best paper on the virus I have ever seen."

jimmy m

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28 Nov 2023, 1:18 pm

Huck Finn

In your second message you began talking about my daughter in Tennessee. She is my youngest daughter. She is a medical doctor and her husband is also a doctor.

I have an older daughter. She lives in Indiana about 70 miles from my home. She is probably the one you sent an email to. She is a live-at-home mom but she has several degrees in Engineering.


You wrote, "We will no longer put any trust in China in this."
I can agree with that analysis. I believe that many Chinese people are good and honest. But their Communist leadership is not to be trusted. The strange thing is that their primary leader has some of our qualities. He is very smart and playing a slow game. But he has a game and it is world domination. And he doesn't seem to care who or how many people he will kill and destroy along the way.

But then you may be talking about something else.

Since mid-October 2023, the World Health Organization (WHO) has been monitoring data from Chinese surveillance systems that have been showing an increase in respiratory illness in children in northern China.

At a press conference on 13 November 2023, China’s National Health Commission reported on a nationwide increase in the incidence of respiratory diseases, predominantly affecting children. Chinese authorities attributed this increase to lifting of COVID-19 restrictions and the arrival of the cold season, and due to circulating known pathogens such as influenza, Mycoplasma pneumoniae, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), and severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). Mycoplasma pneumonia and RSV are known to affect children more than adults.

On 22 November 2023, WHO identified media and ProMED reports about clusters of undiagnosed pneumonia in children's hospitals in Beijing, Liaoning and other places in China. Through the International Health Regulations mechanism, WHO made an official request to China to provide additional epidemiologic and clinical information, as well as laboratory results from these reported cases and data about recent trends in circulating respiratory pathogens. A key purpose was to identify whether there have been “clusters of undiagnosed pneumonia” in Beijing and Liaoning as referred to in media reports, and if so whether these were separate events, or part of the known general increase in respiratory illnesses in the community. WHO further reached out through clinical networks for additional information.

If COVID was of man made origin from a Chinese lab, then there could be a round 2 where they are testing other variants of diseases. And the world may pay a severe price as the human created variant spreads across the world focusing on our child population. Is that what you are referring to???


You went on to explain some of the strange events in your life. Sometimes we experience things in life that are strange. We do not understand. They stay deep, very deep inside us and many years go by. And we think about these things.

It is like the story of the rabbit. It was one of my first jobs and I worked in a store. It was Easter and the custom was to hand out baby rabbits. I worked in a store and they got a shipment of rabbits in. But one of the rabbits was dead. The other employees did not know what to do. I picked up the rabbit and held it. It was dead. I petted the rabbit. I put it in my lap and petted it. After a few minutes it came back to life. It was a dead rabbit but it came back. As a result the owner of the store did not know what to do. How do you sell a dead rabbit that came back to life. So he gave it to me as a gift and I took it home.

Some times things happen in life that are unexplained. We do not understand and we ponder and ponder their meaning.

jimmy m.

Author of Practical Preparations for a Coronavirus Pandemic.
A very unique plan. As Dr. Paul Thompson wrote, "This is the very best paper on the virus I have ever seen."

jimmy m

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28 Nov 2023, 3:23 pm

Huck Finn

On to your third message, you talked about several things. There are many people who are autistic but do not exhibit autistic qualities. I watch many movies and sometimes I can see their qualities. Some are in sports, very precision thinking events. An example is race car driving. There is a movie about one called "Ford v. Ferrari".

The movie shows the ability of an Aspie to do the impossible. I watch many movies and Aspies are displayed in many of them. If you know what to look for, you can find them. We do the impossible.

jimmy m.

When I was young, I had a fast car - a very, very fast car. One time I allowed the car to fly down the road at 150 miles per hour (241 kilometers per hour). It was at 10,000 revelations per minute. I figured out how to make it move faster. It took synthetic oil. Other oils would break apart and kill the engine. But synthetic oils did not break down.

Author of Practical Preparations for a Coronavirus Pandemic.
A very unique plan. As Dr. Paul Thompson wrote, "This is the very best paper on the virus I have ever seen."

Huckleberry Finn

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29 Nov 2023, 4:49 pm

Hi James.

Yes: we Aspergers with ND talents can do special things.

When I read, unfortunately my son is autistic, it bothers me.

In the meantime, let's see what grade it is.

We find unusual solutions and look at every detail of things.
The faster things and images flow to us, we function better than anyone else.

Then we have limits and we overload ourselves.

In social interactions.

You know James, before I got sick I passed the workshops where Ferraris are built.

There were lots of Japanese just to photograph the external gates.

I've been to Maranello.

For years Ferrari did not win the world championships.

Then he rises again and dominates.

A driver who in my opinion had Asperger's was Niki Lauda.

Once his car caught fire.

His face was torn apart by the fire.

Ferrari 312 T2 goes off the road at Bergwerk, Niki Lauda loses control of his car, hits a rock on the side of the circuit and ends his race in the middle of the track, without his helmet, which had come off in the collision. The single-seater catches fire due to the petrol leaking and the driver is trapped in the burning car.
Some colleagues arrive at the accident and courageously try to help him. We're talking about Harald Ertl, Guy Edwards and Brett Lunger but it was above all thanks to Arturo Merzario, who pulled him out of the burning cockpit.

The words of those who were at the Nurburgring *
Guy Edwards – :“I saw the Ferrari disappear on the right of the track, as if the driver had any. suddenly lost control. I braked, throwing everything inside the curve. In the center, while I stopped, I saw Lunger who couldn't do anything but hit the Ferrari that was already on fire. I got out and rushed towards the wreckage. The damage was considerable even though perhaps not even thirty seconds had yet passed. Niki Lauda was trying to move. I don't remember exactly who was trying to take his helmet off. Then I saw Merzario undo his belts and then I realized that I had to do like the Italian and took Lauda under the armpits. When we placed him far from the car on the asphalt we took off his helmet and his face was all covered in blood."
Lauda returned after just 42 days in the race.

The people were speechless.

They looked at him and he asked why?

The face: the wounds had not yet healed.

And he ran anyway: he said he didn't care about his appearance.

But he just wanted to win.

So in reality there are two very important things.

Henry Ford is and will always remain the best car manufacturer, there will never be anyone to emulate him.

Ford said one thing when he saw the Alafa Romeo plant from which Ferrari was derived.

When faced with Alfa Romeos, take off your hat.

A pilot is unsurpassed and some are very close to him.
It was Tazio Nuvolari.

He once won ahead of Hitler by starting from the back.

In 1936 Tazio Nuvolari won against all odds on the Nurburgring circuit, in front of 300 thousand German fans and the Nazi leaders. For the awards ceremony, the organizers didn't have an Italian flag to give him, but he was sure he could do it, so much so that he brought it from home, just to wave it on the podium.

He had folded it and placed it as a pillow.

He overtook 7 Mercedes drivers and The best Italian racing car was Alfa Romeo. On 28 July 1935, Enzo Ferrari not only didn't want to do that race, but he didn't even want to start from home.

He believed that the superiority of German cars was too much. And on paper he was right.

Even before the start, Tazio Nuvolari asked the sporting director Nello Ugolini to find a new Italian flag in place of the one hoisted along the starting straight, as it was worn and faded.

Tazio Nuvolari showed up at the Nurburgring with the Alfa Romeo P3 type B, 8-cylinder in-line engine, 3.2 litres, two volumetric compressors and 265 horsepower. Prepared by the Alfa Romeo team managed by Enzo Ferrari.

Tazio Nuvolari and the Alfa Romeo P3 type B Against him the Mercedes W25 with the 4-litre 8-cylinder in-line engine and 430 horsepower volumetric compressor and the Auto Union Type B of Ferdinand Porsche with the 5-litre V16 engine and 430 horsepower volumetric compressor 375 horsepower.

The starting signal is given with a modern three-light traffic light. The Mercedes and Auto Union start in the lead.

The Alfas of Chiron and Brivio finish the race early, while Nuvolari remains in sixth position. On the ninth lap, Nuvolari breaks the 11-minute barrier, setting his fastest lap in 10'57”, and overtaking Caracciola's Mercedes he carries on his head.

About halfway through the race, the single-seaters begin to return for refueling and tire changes.
While the Germans had no problems, in the Alfa garage the fuel supply pressure pump broke and the mechanics had to pour the petrol through a can and a funnel: forty seconds longer than necessary put the Mantuan back in sixth position.

the refueling done with the funnel. In a few laps, Nuvolari regained second place, while Manfred Von Brauchitsch remained in the lead with his Mercedes W25.

On lap 17 the gap drops to under 50 seconds, which still guarantees peace of mind for Von Brauchitsch.

During testing, the Continental manager had warned the Mercedes garage that Von Brauchitsch's nervous style would make a further change necessary to avoid problems with the left rear tyre, unlike Caracciola who drove more linearly and would only need one tire change.

At the end of the 21st lap, the white band on the offending tread appears inexorable and the home driver has only two options: stop in the pits for a tire change, with only 35 seconds of advantage, or continue.

Having chosen the second option, Von Brauchitsch continued to push.

And a few kilometers from the finish line, near the Karussell curve, the left rear tire explodes.

The triumph In the pits no one knows anything about what happened, until a red car appears and everyone thinks it was a lapped car.

Instead it is Tazio Nuvolari.

Around 300,000 German spectators and Adolf Hitler with many Nazi officers, who, certain of the victory of the German cars, remained silent while he crossed the finish line first and the Alfa Romeo P3 crossed the finish line first

As sure as the Nazis were of an all-German victory, the only Italian tricolor flag available was old and faded and the record of Mameli's anthem was not there at all. Nuvolari is not upset: he returns to take the new flag and a new album of the Italian anthem from his Alfa Romeo

He was so crazy at driving that in dirt races when he was at a significant disadvantage he drove with his headlights off at night.

Sometimes he risked falling into ravines or arrived with a wrecked car and was always first.

That time the pilot in command saw the lights of Nuvolari's car come on.

He overcame him and won.

Once he won *Without a steering wheel.

Instead of the steering wheel he used a mechanical key.

I don't know if he was autistic, but he was the man of the impossible.

And he always succeeded.

Once the Alfa Romeos were so superior that they stopped during the race, the two drivers toasted with Chamapgne and then got back in the car and won.

I find that the best formula one driver of the 80s was Ayrton Senna Da Silva.

It was amazing.

He was Brazilian.

He died from a defect on his car.

He had understood it before!

Once in Monte Carlo he set off in the queue and with the rain he caught up with almost everyone.

With a non-elite car.

It was phenomenal.

Sorry I didn't write yesterday because I wasn't feeling well.

My mind travels much faster when climbing the mountain.

Captures details instantly.

I struggle more socially.


The period that awaits me in these weeks will be very complicated.


I have a video where Jill Bolte Taylor explains about her stroke and almost cries.

I think that if a mind has learned to function in a sublime way, it can in some cases resist a stroke and sometimes even limit the damage as much as possible, or completely, or over time.

In your situation I had thought of two affected areas.

Then to 4 areas, but some of these are in the path of the stroke, according to what I understand, only one was most affected.

We autistic people hardly resign ourselves to these things.

We use logic and intuition a lot.

If we have a high cultural background and you have it, in my opinion your mind underwent the incredible flow of the stroke, but afterwards it was still on standby.

My feeling is that the affected areas can be reactivated.

However, some collateral damage does not.

And they are those of the transducers, therefore the eyes.

But here too: we need to understand at what level the damage is and at what level the leading surgery in surgical ophthalmology is now.

And you are a leading nation both in research and in innovative interventions.

I have to think about the numbers because you have difficulty with those too.

A system can be found.

The words are more difficult however.

I don't believe the numbers.

Huck Finn

Forests precede civilizations, deserts follow.

jimmy m

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30 Nov 2023, 5:24 pm

Huck Finn

Yesterday, you talked about a new pandemic in China. I spent some time looking into it. I started a thread in Wrong Planet to discuss this threat.

Is this Round 2 of a new Pandemic?

There is a major outbreak in China that affects children. A very large number of children have been infected. China is hiding what is happening within their country. This plague has spread into Russia and also is starting to make its way through Europe. Netherlands has the plague. So you might check out the thread to keep informed. A huge number of children have been infected.


In this last message, you talked about race car driving just before the Second World War. I think that many Aspies are phenomenal sports car drivers. I had a very fast car. It was beautiful to drive. It would move so fast that all I had to do was think about passing a car and instantly I was in front of that car. It moved like the speed of light. And I felt no fear.

You also talked about the effects of my stroke. Most people who had a stroke of my magnitude never recovered. Bruce Willis had a stroke similar to mine, very similar. But he never recovered. One of the Aphasia Support Sites used him to expand Aphasia awareness to the population. But I do not believe they provided much help and advice. I think his mind was similar to mine. I think I might have been able to provide some help to him and his family, if they only asked me.

jimmy m.

Author of Practical Preparations for a Coronavirus Pandemic.
A very unique plan. As Dr. Paul Thompson wrote, "This is the very best paper on the virus I have ever seen."

Huckleberry Finn

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01 Dec 2023, 5:29 pm

Hi James.

I don't follow the Forum, I'll look at your thread.

China has been grappling with this variant for some time, which particularly affects children.

Unfortunately it may have arrived in France.

France is close to us, very much, we call them the "French Cousins"

*I'm not well informed enough about what's new.

Antibiotic resistance could be dangerous.


It was my big fear in 2020.

I'm listening to Paolo Vineis, professor of environmental epidemiology, at Imperial College London.

Many Italian scientists go to the most important centers in the world, because here their careers would be at a standstill internally.

While in the UK, USA or Canada, but also many other nations, a lot is invested in research.
Always the same thing: scientific and space research is essential to create new studies and valid drugs.

*Azithromycin is discussed.

A drug that saved my life in combination with another antibiotic.

Now that drug may be ineffective.
In China some bacterial infections are already resistant to azithromycin.
Mycoplasma can become incurable.

As an autistic I think of several things, perhaps it's a characteristic of us.

I saw the European map of climate change.

Precisely the area of ​​France is entirely red, and not only.

While Italy is but less so.

We may see peaks of infections in Spain, Belgium, Holland, UK, Sardinia and northern Italy, North Africa, Scandinavian nations.

There are 8 other correlations between pneumonia and climate and more.

In Africa, pneumonia had already been affecting children for years, I wrote about it in Italy in a specific thread for Covid.

But people weren't interested.

I remember a doctor friend of mine who was terrified of Ebola which is a high impact virus.

We studied this by taking Ebola patients to Italy and Germany years ago.

So we have a lot of data on that.

While we totally ignore childhood pneumonia in Africa, we ignore it is disgusting of us rich nations.


We wrote about it in 2013 in a group made up only of high-level Aspies, there were 36 of us and that was it.

He thinks that Asperger's themselves didn't understand his fears: but I did, I wrote it to him in public, he was completely right.

We contained Ebola in Africa.

But it's a threat.

However, children's pneumonia is a reality and this deafening silence makes us guilty as rich states.

We chase the variants, perhaps it was a mistake, perhaps more time was needed for the mutations to evolve and then produce a real vaccine that would train our immune system.

However, only 235 people over 65 have died in Italy.

Particular attention is needed for them too, their immune system is greatly affected by impacts like these.

We must not confuse vaccines that train our immune system, while drugs are medicine.

In Italy we are not investing in research, it is serious.

There is no attention to waste water, whereas in the UK it is done.

We must aim for rapid vaccines.

We can already do it.

We have the technology.

We must act together as states, because they should be produced in an intelligent and systematic way.

I'm writing this even though they may have created a T.I.A. with me. how do you know.

It must be said that if we focus too much on antibiotics, we will nullify their strength to the point of being left without fundamental defense weapons.

Look James, it's terrible to see your intuitions come true after 10 years.


Forests precede civilizations, deserts follow.

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01 Dec 2023, 5:34 pm

The map can pose a probabilistic causal factor between the increase in pneumonia and climate change.

In my opinion, these nations risk a lot of damage
to people and no one contemplates them even though I had read about studies on the subject but I lost the reference otherwise I would attach it.

The damage will be diseases.

I hope it doesn't happen on a large scale so that we can help these nations react and not leave them alone.

Important, because Italy was left alone in 2019/20.

It must never happen again with other nations we must unite

(Huck Finn)

Forests precede civilizations, deserts follow.

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01 Dec 2023, 6:06 pm

Sorry because I didn't attach this one from Bolte Taylor last time.

I love Ted TV.

The link is in English, I mentioned it but not inserted, I apologize.

Then I will return to the parts of the previous message to which I perhaps did not respond.

I write posts that are too long, the flow of images goes fast and very often I skip some passages that are there in my mind, but I wasn't able to write them here because they were fast and overlapped with others.

I think my ADHD has something to do with this, and if I lose sight of a post I tend to reply to the next one, but I leave out several answers that could perhaps be useful or make someone ask questions.

Perhaps this is also why Aspergers tend to want to think for themselves.

The point is that the interlocutor's demand stimulus is fundamental.

But on the other hand I can't outline more than a minimal part of what I think.


Thinking of your mind as an expansion is something I often experiment with myself.

Maybe I concentrate more blood flow in the brain areas.

The sensation is one of expansion, as Taylor describes.

Amazing how she recovered so well.


On several occasions, James, you have written that you are an eternal Peter Pan.

I understand the statement, and it has a logic because autistic Aspergers are particular, they tend not only to be passionate about many things, but also not to lose their neurons in programmed apoptosis, this is a saving grace for us autistics.

It allows us to maintain almost double the neuronal compartment compared to neurotypicals.

In the forum, you will see many of us behave as if time does not exist, in fact as a physicist you know much more about it than me and perhaps the time factor doesn't even exist...

Theory I talked about with an 88 year old physicist.

He was like us.

He didn't look his age.

He asked everyone (it was a visit to a historic city and he was a volunteer explaining), what his age was, he was mentally quick and remembered the dates, I then checked and they all corresponded to his speech, above all he moved like he was a 20/25 year old boy.

He was wearing jeans and sports shoes and a jacket.

The others gave him twenty years younger.

I told him 88.

I thought I had made a gaffe!

Instead, he dedicated himself only to me in the remaining minutes.

I hope he's still alive.
The city had been invaded by Napoleon Bonaparte who was not Italian for a year of birth, we ceded Corsica to France a year before Napoleon was born.

The story is really strange, some characters are mysterious.

Brilliant and have impressive careers as if predestined by destiny...


For those who are enchanted by a starry sky, the astronomical observatory in the Gorgo hamlet is reserved, with a terrace for observations and a computerized telescope for automatic pointing of celestial objects. The environment around the village is suitable for cycle tourism and catfish fishing, the least loved omnivorous fish in these parts....

This is in the municipality of San Benedetto Po.


(Huckleberry Finn)

Forests precede civilizations, deserts follow.

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01 Dec 2023, 6:08 pm ... anguage=it

Sorry, the link won't accept me, but this is the address.

I guess you've already seen this show.

Forests precede civilizations, deserts follow.

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01 Dec 2023, 6:22 pm

I read the first part of your thread and I noticed that we wrote several things in agreement, you wrote really valid things.

I have to read it better, so everything.

Your definitions are not only consistent, but extremely valid and precise.

I have read some posts, as usual you are the first to outline such an important problem on this forum.

It could cut two segments of the world's population.

One for the very young and the other for the elderly.

We need to react immediately together: more states investing at least 6% of the national GDP in scientific research and creating vaccines, I fear that the global impact on planet earth is being underestimated.

*We must be careful about what information comes from China, if they communicate data they always underestimate that data.

For us it will be a potentially dangerous impact.


Forests precede civilizations, deserts follow.

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01 Dec 2023, 6:56 pm

Sorry I included technical details in the description of phenomenal drivers.

Unfortunately they had no diagnosis.

But I think they could have been included in the diagnosis.

They were truly special, Enzo Ferrari was too.

Nuvolari: the pilot of the incredible.

Then Lauda: a human computer.

And Senna pure talent.


I didn't know Bruce Willis had a stroke.

I mistakenly thought it was a form of Lewy Body dementia.

I saw so many images of him, I was so sorry that I couldn't concentrate on him.

It was like not wanting to see him waste away.

I've seen a lot of his career.

I've always liked him.

Then he is a particular actor, almost out of time.

Like the US actors of the films of the past.


I thought he had something similar to the brilliant Robin Williams, pure talent, both much loved in Italy.

I had seen several videos of Williams before his passing.

He could act anything and do it perfectly, from dramatic to comical to brilliant to comedy.


Bruce Willis had fewer chances than Williams.

But they are so different.


I don't know James...if Bruce Willis had a stroke what the impact was.

If, however, he also has lewy body dementia, he risks hallucinations as well as not being able to remember anything.

I know both dynamics well.

The neurological one perhaps much more.

I don't think it can help, some drugs could be harmful.

Others very useful.

*Your mind James, it's different...

One of the things that paradoxically helped save her I think was your childhood that trauma made you special.

(My feeling)

Then I don't know his IQ, but I don't think it's comparable to yours, I think yours is significantly greater than his.

Help: I ​​don't know if he has anyone who maintains a personal page and maintains contact with fans.

Because I fear that his family will tend more and more to stay together for him and not communicate much with the outside world so I think it would be very difficult for you to be read and listened to.

*You could do this with the help of famous doctors, or by accessing
Online newspapers of your city.

Someone would notice you and maybe your ideas would reach them.

I find it difficult unfortunately.

I also think you built independent brain patterns many decades before the stroke.

He led a life less oriented towards this.

Forests precede civilizations, deserts follow.

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02 Dec 2023, 9:13 am

Interesting: I didn't know about your thread but we wrote similar things.

Your question is interesting. I discussed it 4 years ago with a surgeon.
He didn't understand why a virus remained on surfaces for so long, while the quick target to hit in this case is the human being.

When researching the droplets, perhaps it was a Japanese one, I'm going from memory, they stay at least 8 hours in an unventilated room.
So if a sick person sneezes in a closed room, from 2pm until at least 10pm whoever enters could become infected.

It must be said that regarding vaccines there are new non-conventional vaccines, and I believe they are technology already present 62 years ago, but they have notable limitations.

I can explain it perhaps in a post here as soon as I have more time to check my writing before posting it.

Regarding Covid, I hypothesize that it derives from the vascular inflammatory system, only then does it affect the respiratory tract and in what you describe it mixes with something else, I find it difficult to find immediately effective treatments.

On the Wuhan market you know James, they told us a lie.

Because it would be like looking for Escherichia coly in a sewer drain: we would definitely find it.

The virus had already spread not only in Wuhan but also in other areas, I hypothesize since at least 2015, areas that were sparsely populated and not with people who could ever move.

Another thing we should do would be to compare which drugs are in the world's top ten among the most used. Can we bet that anti-inflammatories have overtaken many others in sales that were there before?

We treat long-term inflammation, anticoagulants, others against HIV, antiretrovirals...

Ok the ranking is affected by the covid effect, but it also makes us understand what covid is, because the cure identifies the disease, we can't hide that..
The sensation in October 2019 when I caught the first Covid was that I had been infected by something I had never perceived in me before.

Consider that I had the flu in 2018 with very bad symptoms, but which I cured in 8 days, but which I understood as normal.


Antibiotics should be sipped in very limited cases, not given indiscriminately as has always been done.

To treat this latest Covid, I knowingly used not azithromycin for the complications.

But amoxicillin and clavulanic acid (875 +125 mg) because in intensive use 3 mg per day absolutely consistently eliminated my problems, perhaps also other digestive problems for the moment because I considered it interesting to use it indirectly to eliminate some infections which a person with irritable bowel syndrome is not aware of at all.

Blame it on the food.

But what if it had been something else?

For now I was right, but it will come back I'm sure.

For now I have eradicated something dangerous.

But it is the colon that was affected as in people with celiac disease.

My intuition: but we'll see if it's correct.

On your question about the immune system: These vaccines have limitations.

But at the moment it is absolutely appropriate for people to be vaccinated, especially and absolutely children and the elderly over 65 years of age, who have very fragile immune defenses, the former in training and the latter in decline due to their chronological age.

They must be protected.
We must not delay on vaccinations, protect people first and foremost.

Later, if I can, I'll post an Italian video, describing the SARS covid, because we, you, China, France invented it as it was before.

Only China used unethical procedures, our Nations abandoned the research in Wuhan, and it wasn't just in one laboratory I remember 4 in China.

Now we have this aberration which again comes from China, but no one has the courage to sanction it heavily.

They are using us: blackmailing with viruses.
*The origin can be traced very well, and strangely they all come from China.

It's not because of open-air markets.

These viruses are laboratory and modified then implemented into chimeras.
So in mice that spread viruses: mice are the most infectious and numerous animal species we have on earth.

The report of 16 November 2015 broadcast in the "Leonardo" column of TgR which referred to a super pulmonary virus from bats and mice studied in Chinese laboratories "is taken from a publication in the journal Nature".
The magazine disassociated itself years later.

But it's very strange that they are so similar.

The Chinese then did something else to make it a pathogen.


Nothing so strange, after all, the Chinese had 3 and a half years to create a worse virus: they had our know-how.

The absurd thing was that Luc Montagnier (Nobel Prize winner) was at a rally in Italy and strangely made an association between HIV and Covid SARS 19.

Strangely, he died shortly before a trial where he was supposed to testify.

November 16, 2015 I saw that program in person.

They tell us that it's something else now, but certainly the Chinese have added something else, on that same basis, then having it implemented with infecting animals.

The rest could be very obvious.

However, the USA sequenced the virus at the time in June 2019, we Italians in September 2019.


The virus has continuous variations and they are rapid, not regular.

Time makes it worse because it becomes stronger over time and endemic.

I'm sorry to write these things, but I perceive them as not even hypotheses, but reality.

Forests precede civilizations, deserts follow.

jimmy m

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02 Dec 2023, 4:25 pm

Huck Finn

Wow, I am 7 messages behind. I have been unwrapping this new PANDEMIC and this is taking some of my time. I will read your post and respond, as I can.

jimmy m.

Author of Practical Preparations for a Coronavirus Pandemic.
A very unique plan. As Dr. Paul Thompson wrote, "This is the very best paper on the virus I have ever seen."

Huckleberry Finn

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02 Dec 2023, 7:35 pm

Don't worry James.
Sorry because my answers are too many and long.
You are the only one who makes the effort to read my posts.
Even if you have an exceptional mind, an unconventional reading speed, synthesis and clarity, you are veteran from a stroke and your eyesight struggles to read.
And I still don't summarize the posts.
Take all the time you need to respond.Among other things, I understand that following two threads is complicated.
*Even if in the other your posts are superior to the quality of the answers.
And with me you also have to decipher.
I could write to you in Italian but the translator would struggle.
I have to understand how to write the sentences in such a way as to use unique sentences.
Because the way I'm composing them isn't right, then I translate them and I have to change many written passages.
I notice notable differences between UK English and US English.
Translated to verify I get different sentences.
My limit is that I can understand it, but I'm terrible at writing.
At least: I'm communicating a fifth of what I could do.
Even though Italian is not my first language, my knowledge is excellent in oral and written form.
In other languages the same problem arises: I understand some well, but I can't write them. In my mind I have a lot of order, but I struggle when translating images into words.
How strange the functioning of the brain is. Mine is suitable for understanding but not for outlining ideas in other languages.
Do you know what is strange, James?
I think (I sense) that every person has this ability.
A special contact of mine is a translator.
And she thought she knew how to communicate in a Scandinavian language very well.
One person had told her that she knew how to communicate quite well.
She couldn't understand her lack of it. And she started studying that again.
I spoke very well. In that language I only knew a few words.
But I had understood an entire dialogue between boyfriends.
They confirmed it to me. For a year I had to deal with French people.
My partner also spoke French.
In oral language I was able to make myself understood , but only from the French from central northern France. I understood those from the south less.
My parents studied French at school, it was our second language.
I would say the first allocated together with the regional one.
Same area. My father knew many words of German.
For work he was very good at understanding many languages.
Some very complex ones.
I think his ability to write less and memorize everything mentally also had something to do with it. Even 10 times more than me.
But now he's gone.
I write and read a lot.
Writing is perhaps a limitation rather than an advantage.
It involves not memorizing more than a tenth of one's potential.
Coming from me it was quite funny, but I told him... dad, get to the point.

Because he was a great orator never concluded a speech without detailing it all, but it took hours.

I couldn't afford hours of my time. Now he's no longer here and I would gladly give him those hours.


Forests precede civilizations, deserts follow.