Gluten/casein free diet for Aspergers?

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17 Jan 2017, 10:55 am

Has anyone found that following one of these diets can help them with anxiety and other issues?

When I was first diagnosed with AS aged about 7 or 8 (1997) my parents were advised to put me on a gluten and dairy free diet, which I followed for several years. Apparently this did help to control some of my behavioural issues, although I was also on Ritalin and anti epileptics at the time. When I got a bit older I started to try different things like pizza and chocolate and my diet has been pretty standard since then.

I'm 26 now and although I wouldn't say I struggle with AS (I'm in full time employment as a graduate, live with my partner, have a dog and drive a car etc.) I think sometimes more than others I get overwhelmed. I get social anxiety, mostly from a complete and vacant-brained not knowing where to begin with office small talk or things like that. I get anxiety in a lot of other ways too, especially about my health. Sometimes when I'm sat here under the fluorescent strip lights of the office it feels like I'm surrounded by steel wool and it's all just too much to handle.

Also I've put on a bit of weight recently, maybe partly due to anxiety/depression. About 4 months ago I thought I'd give a keto diet a try after hearing other people had lost weight quickly on it. The first week was pretty bad (had a panic attack at work probably from low blood sugar) but the week after I saw an amazing improvement in everything. I felt sociable, normal and really happy about everything. I had loads of energy and could handle work without being overwhelmed by people. I even went out for drinks and a meal which is something I'd avoid before.

Previously I'd been really sceptical about "you are what you eat" claims and this whole clean eating fad but after talking about how good I felt with my mam she reminded me about that diet I went on when I was a kid.

Anyway I lost about 2.5 stone in 4 months so went back to eating carbs over Christmas. Now I feel like crap again lol. Just sad and not wanting to face people because it's so exhausting. I started the diet again today though so fingers crossed I'll perk up again. It could be placebo effect, I don't care though as long as I feel less anxious and able to cope with life more.

Has anyone else tried either a low carb, gluten free or dairy free diet? Does it affect your mood too?


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17 Jan 2021, 1:13 pm

What's casein? never heard of that, only gluten, lactose intolerance or nut allergies.

Anyone else get hiccups after eating or drinking certain foods and drinks? brain fog?get fatigue? bloating? makes you wonder what they put in our food and drinks for people to have more allergies than ever?

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15 Feb 2021, 10:07 pm

I don't know about mood, but gluten seems to cloud my thinking. I try to avoid it. Eat tons and tons of dairy, though!