Ever worry you'll marry someone you DON'T love?

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27 May 2014, 1:13 pm

DW_a_mom wrote:
StewartMango wrote:
Every time I like a guy he NEVER likes me back, but when a guy likes me I NEVER like him back. Most guys who like me are either creepy stalkers from the internet(which is mostly my fault due to my bikini photos) or guys who are mentally challenged. I'm not mean to these guys and I don't walk around in reveling clothing in public. I often wonder if this is a birth control mechanism my body has since I don't want children.

I remember in high school this guy liked me who I didn't like back and this girl got really mad at me and made me feel like I was a bad person, when I wasn't even mean to the guy. Also there's times where people try to match me with guys I wouldn't even think of being their friend never mind dating them!

Sometimes I have irrational fears that I'll wind up marrying a guy I don't love in fear of judgemental from others or if I can't get a job with good pay or benefits and the only way to survive(assuming my parents pass away) is to marry a guy who has all that.

Incase you're wondering, I live with my parents and I work a part time job with no benfits as of now.

Sorry for skipping the rest of this thread, and this may have already been suggested:

There is a good possibility that your subconscious doesn't want to date. Liking men who don't like you back is a classic and safe way of staying out of relationships and not having to deal with all the issues dating can bring up, while still channeling the feelings that hormones can't help but kick out. I think a large part of you may simply not feel you are either ready to date, or in the right life-space for dating, right now.

I played that game on myself for years ;)

Good point, I think it's mostly that and like I stated previously that it could also be a form of birth control too, since I have NO desire in procreation.

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