I want to quit going to my social group

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29 Jan 2019, 11:43 pm

Im in a social group . Its a social group for autistic adults. My parents and teachers want me to be in it. They say its a chance for me to go out and about more independently.

I feel like its not suitable for me though. My verbal skills are bad and there is a lot of socializing. This means I often dont participate as much as I should. I have processing difficulties which make speaking hard. Everybody else there is better at speaking.

I need more support than is provided tbh. When there is free time at meetings I dont know what to do. I have a hard time starting conversations. I also get really overwhelmed. Also not many people really want to talk to me there or play board games with me. Its apparently because I leave halfway through games. I try to sit still. I also have had meltdowns.

This is causing me a bit of anxiety. I think I need to go to a different social group with more support.

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30 Jan 2019, 5:12 pm

I see you live in L.A. In a city that size, there must be other groups you could go to. Show your parents what you wrote about the current group because it expresses pretty well what your issues are.

I hope you will find something you like better.



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30 Jan 2019, 6:03 pm

Bea has great suggestions.

I feel the same way when I am "supposed" to socialize. Let us know what your parents say.

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