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29 Jun 2016, 11:24 am

Hey there!

For awhile now I've slowly started to notice things that seemed 'off' about me, problems (I assume) other people don't really have. I didn't really care much in my younger years and/or notice but now, in this time of my life it feels painfully obvious, it makes day to day life more difficult than I assume it should be and after putting some research into this I found it was the one true thing that 'clicked' with me, yet I'm still facing some uncertainty. I'm a 19 year old girl, I have a younger brother who is autistic and a younger sister who I feel exhibits some autistic tenancies as well.

Problem is, I don't really have a background of being bullied too much, not having friends, most of my younger life was either 'normal', or no one picked up on anything particularly odd. I had well established friends through most of school. Even so, I never really liked hanging out with them outside of the school environment, I've always much preferred to be alone and it honestly doesn't bother me at all no matter ow much time passes (I don't really find myself 'missing' other human contact outside of my home).

Besides that, I think my main concern is, "if I lack this, does it mean I'm probably not autistic?" I've tried to analyse what my stims might be, (if I have them), special interests, how I communicate with people. A lot of my conclusions seem to be, "Well hmm, maybe". I guess I'm unsure of what counts and what doesn't?

For example, when I'm excited I'll do this thing where I 'fling' myself out of my chair and kinda rush to the corner of my room before running back and sitting down. Sometimes I'll even do a little belly flop on the bed. I never too much notice of it until now, I guess when I look at it like this it is kinda weird?

One major 'sensory issue' I feel I have is I REALLY cannot stand laughter (like, I'll bite my hands or cry if I have to listen for too long it stresses me out so bad). Particularly my mothers voice and her laughter is the worst, but if anyone else in my house is laughing I can't really stand that either I just hate the noise.

There are other things I feel I experience; small talk is impossible, sometimes I understand jokes and sarcasm but I don't know how to respond in a way that lets the person know I understood the joke. I need routine in social places otherwise I am very anxious and lost. Talking is sometimes difficult and I often forget words to use, can't get across what I'm trying to say. Tend to run on a script when I order food and do anything similar, I guess its just the two things in the above paragraphs I'm unsure about? I've done some digging but I haven't seen anyone mention anything like the stuff I stated above and it makes me feel like maybe something else might be going on.

Thanks in advance! I guess I'm not looking for someone to tell me if I'm autistic / aspergers or not, I'm just a little unsure on whether those things are what I think they are or something else.

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29 Jun 2016, 12:07 pm

I'm diagnosed with autism and I can definitely relate to the scripting and trouble talking, as well as almost everything else you mentioned. Your description does sound a lot like autism, you should look into it further.

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