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24 Apr 2019, 9:49 pm

I’m a member of several groups (a writing group, a secular humanist group, a drum circle, a board gaming group, and a social group for LGBTQIA+ women over 40). I get to as many meetups as my schedule and number of spoons allow and generally enjoy them.

Last year, I started my own feminist Meetup, and it’s been a challenge to get more than about three or four people to events, even though I have almost 300 members. We do a monthly book discussion, and I’m adding a monthly salon (a discussion about a particular topic). We also do arts events and community service projects.

Organizers, how do you get people to a) sign up and b) show up?

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02 May 2019, 5:16 am

I love Meetup, but it's very unpredictable and often people don't feel committed despite their status on Going, unless they already paid. You can see other group events and see what is successful. Movie meet-ups can be interesting, then after you can discuss it somewhere... or like go on a picknick if the weather is nice, potlucks can be fun...


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05 May 2019, 12:57 am

I found a local Aspie group here in NYC through meetup that does social and cultural events and has a twice/month support group. Alot of the people also go to a different monthly support group where I go for CBT. It's not perfect, but at least it's a fairly nice group of people who are contacts I didn't have at the beginning of this year. My therapist thinks I should try other meetups, which I may soon. Haven't decided yet. Very cool that you started your own on feminism, Colonial!

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05 May 2019, 10:08 am

I live in the SF Bay Area, and there are hundreds of meetups here. But few interest me. I've lived in Sacramento and had much better luck. I think it's because there were far fewer meetups in Sac.
If you check the members you will likely find that many people belong to several meetups with similar interests. I think they pick the "best" event among those meetups, and they obviously can only attend one event at a time. So your 300 members likely belong to competing groups.
When I look over events, say a week out, I tend to pass on ones that have only a few signed up. I'll check the past events and see if the group has attracted much attendance in the past, and what the comments were -- did people enjoy the event? I need a bit of a "sell job" here.
So I suggest attending a few "competing" meetups and see how they're handled, are they successful, who's there, etc. A meetup will succeed if it consistently delivers a quality experience, however that is defined by the group's purpose. Also, consider if your group's focus is too narrow. The population of candidate members may be quite small.