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26 Jul 2022, 1:49 pm

Does anyone else here need a ridiculously long recovery period after socializing? I know most autists and introverts need at least a couple days to recover after socializing—but I usually need a whole week if not several weeks to recover after socializing. I dread when I get messages or texts from people asking to hang out. I do normally enjoy socializing occasionally, but nowadays I tend to cancel plans repeatedly and hide away from everyone. But not socializing for several weeks is unrealistic if you want to keep friends, so I often force myself to socialize even when I’m not ready to. This has caused me to be frequently exhausted, miserable and irritable. It feels like everyone is trying to take a piece of me and won’t leave me alone. I should be grateful for all the friends I have that want to spend time with me but instead I feel dread when I have to engage with them. I love my friends but sometimes I wish I could hide from them. I’m wondering if maybe I’m depressed and it’s causing me to be withdrawn, but I don’t feel overly sad. I just feel no interest in socializing and I want to hibernate for like a month at least. I feel like Snufkin from Moominvalley and honestly, I wish I could go off on a solo adventure for a whole season like he does. It’s so difficult to maintain relationships when you need such a long time to recover so I’m worried I’m going to lose friends over this, but I’m honestly so drained and I feel like I have no energy left to even do the things I love anymore.