Which woman would you rather date in terms of lifestyle?

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Which woman would you rather date in terms of lifestyle?
The former sorority girl who likes to watch football, and enjoys drinking and going to the bars. 2%  2%  [ 1 ]
The religious girl who's deeply spiritual and philosophical. 7%  7%  [ 3 ]
The sporty girl who's dedicated to health and fitness and exercises 5x a week. 5%  5%  [ 2 ]
The girl who plays 4 different musical instruments and is a really good singer. 19%  19%  [ 8 ]
The career oriented girl who's smart, ambitious, and has a high paying job. 10%  10%  [ 4 ]
The gamer girl who competes in esports and loves playing video games with you. 21%  21%  [ 9 ]
The girl who loves to travel and frequently goes on vacation that she posts to her instagram 10%  10%  [ 4 ]
The friendly stoner girl who likes to smoke weed and get high every weekend. 2%  2%  [ 1 ]
The adventure loving country girl who lives on a farm, drives a pickup truck, and likes to ride horses. 2%  2%  [ 1 ]
The outdoorsy kind of girl who enjoys hiking and frequently going on camping trips 14%  14%  [ 6 ]
I'm not attracted to women 0%  0%  [ 0 ]
Just show me the results 7%  7%  [ 3 ]
Total votes : 42


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04 Jul 2023, 1:44 pm

Which woman would you rather date in terms of lifestyle?

Which woman would you rather date in terms of lifestyle?

Which woman would you rather date in terms of lifestyle?


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04 Jul 2023, 2:26 pm

What about "normal women who probably like a little bit from each of those categories" ?

I know you're talking in stereotypes on purpose, but there's no option for regular women.

For example, my lifestyle is to be a regular woman.

I like horseback riding but I don't live on a farm or drive a pickup truck. I watch football sometimes but that doesn't mean I go to bars. I studied Philosophy but that doesn't mean I'm religious. I'm smart and I used to have a high paying job but that was for my kids' sake. I wasn't career-driven or ambitious at all. I wanted to be with my kids. I used to enjoy travel but I have no interest in Instagram or other forms of social media and I don't go on trips just to brag to others about what I did.


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04 Jul 2023, 2:29 pm

^ Yeah, I seem to fit into multiple categories, so this seems kind of pointless. Most people can’t be easily categorized.

Out of the available options, I’m a gamer who is moderately intelligent, musically inclined, and outdoorsy. I also like philosophy and riding horses.

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04 Jul 2023, 3:36 pm

IsabellaLinton wrote:
What about "normal women who probably like a little bit from each of those categories"?

While the examples given in the poll lean into stereotypes, in my personal experiences plus over a decade of online dating I've seen a lot of women's profiles and almost none of them seem diversified. It's caused me a lot of difficultly meeting someone because I'm both a geek who enjoys gaming and I like museums, but I also like a lot of outdoorsy stuff like hiking and kayaking. The crossover between the two is very rare.

Some of the poll choices are a little odd. For example, I wouldn't associate sorority girls with sports fans.

Ambition is almost always synonymous with career-driven. It shouldn't be, but it is. I don't think that corresponds to intelligence though.

I also disagree with the idea that posting travel photos on social media is "bragging." I suppose that's the motivation for some people, but I think there's a lot of people who just like to share cool stuff they find and know people (often personally) who like to hear about said cool stuff.


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04 Jul 2023, 4:05 pm

My preference is not really listed here. I'd pick someone introverted & boring who really likes hanging out on the sofa in front the TV.

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04 Jul 2023, 4:13 pm

Being "religious" and being "philosophical" rarely go together. Sometimes.


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05 Jul 2023, 4:35 am

My exact woman is not there but rather elements of her are present in multiple ones.I wont date a woman unless she is a very devout church of Christer who goes to church multiple times a week.I like the idea of dating someone who likes to travel but I debated picking that choice since I dont have the money for lots of travel and I dont like instagram.

I refuse to date someone who has ever used pot because that would mean they could not do the stuff I like to do legally.I dont want to date someone who plays video games because that costs lots of money.I want to date someone who has a farm or ranch in the family but she does not need to live there.However I would like her to be fine with living on a ranch because I want to do so in the future.I did in fact date a girl who lived on a cattle ranch one time.I would like to date a girl who is outdoorsy but she does not need to hike unless we are walking to the deer blind or out rabbit hunting or hog hunting.