I listen to rage despite the radical political views

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03 Jan 2024, 6:12 pm

Rage against the Machine is one of the bands I still enjoy listening to since I was a kid, and I seem to think it has only been in recent years that I've got a better understanding of what they talk about with the revolutionary political views they express in their music, as a kid I listened to them and didn't really get into what they were talking about but I seem to think that it doesn't put me off still listening to them. I remember one of the band members wore a Che Guevara t shirt much like the one I remember my dad bought me once which at the time I knew nothing about him until much later when I read a bit more about his life and stopped wearing a t shirt with his face on it as I realised he wasn't really the hero he is portrayed to be, he was a violent man that had lots of people executed after helping Castro seize power in Cuba.

It does also make me think does it really matter what music you listen to despite your political, religious or whatever views you have ? I've heard some people who listen to music which expresses things that go against the politics or whatever they have. One example was former British conservative prime minister David Cameron's favourite album is the Smiths - The Queen is dead. I also found out once that I think Prince Harry or Prince William listened to Linkin Park's music. I seem to think its great that different people listen to different types of music and that it talk about things that contradict a person's guiding principles.


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03 Jan 2024, 6:15 pm

I occasionally listen to RATM, but I also hold some radical political views (although they have softened in some regards over time).

I generally don't listen to music by artists who espouse far-right political views, although I do enjoy older Burzum albums, along with some tough-guy hardcore.

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