Have you ever disputed having autism/Asperger's?

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29 Apr 2024, 1:42 pm

I used to.


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29 Apr 2024, 10:16 pm

I never exactly disputed it, but I did doubt it quite strongly until the evidence mounted up. The first I knew about ASD was when my (then) wife suggested I may have it and should look into it. I thought she was probably wrong, but I didn't argue because she'd approached it with unusual tact (which was so out of character for her that I think she must have had wise advice on how to present the matter). Although I thought she was wrong, I took the Aspie-Quiz, because I could see no harm in checking, and the result flipped my belief from "probably not" to "quite likely."

My remaining doubt was down to remembering a very good phase in my social life, and that gave way when it occurred to me that the people involved had been uncommonly suitable for me, and I also came to understand that Aspies can be socially successful under the right conditions. Then I got a positive professional diagnosis, and during the next year or two a lot of things about me because much clearer to me, in the light of my growing knowledge of ASD.


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30 Apr 2024, 3:58 am


Only because autism doesn't explain my whole story. And that I cannot relate to common circumstances of many autistics of my own age and support level.

Until I had to plugin the factors of intersectionality, differences in culture and upbringing, genetics and inherited traits...

I had to understand that my family and how they dealt with me is different from other people's families, my own family's pattern and traits VS others'...

And that autism is supposedly highly genetic, with heritable traits.
Most of the traits I get from my family are counter-aspie. Also what do I have or don't have that everyone in my family do or don't have?

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