An Interesting Find - The Gift of Asperger's Syndrome

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02 Mar 2008, 5:13 am

"The Gift of Asperger's Syndrome"
Corte Madera, CA
Jul 8th, 2007

Susan Rubinyi talks about Natural Genius: The Gift of Asperger's Syndrome.

Raising a child with Asperger's Syndrome can be a fight for the recognition of someone who is both gifted and different. Rubinyi talks about raising her son Ben, who has AS, and about the extraordinary challenges and unexpected graces.


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02 Mar 2008, 8:30 am

She sounds too much like a teacher reading a storybook to a class of 5 year olds. WOW! The tone is BORING! I went through like 3 minutes straight with no real content. I mean I don't care what the day was like, or the idea of nature around the area on an uneventful day.


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02 Mar 2008, 11:36 am

True Gift topic

Not everyone with AS is gifted, with the high IQ and extraordinary talents. Not all of us are computer whizzes.

Would she have been so eager to tout her kid's abilities had they not been extraordinary. We are always more inclined to accept someone unusual if the talents are useful, that is, to be transformed into fame and/or fortune.

The true gift is unlocking one's potential,to live life as a better human being, in a qualitative way. :)

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06 Mar 2008, 5:58 am

I KINDA already made a post about this, in another thread. I consider AS to be a "blessing in disguise". Feel free to check out my post- ya might also find it a lot more "down to earth", too. I believe the Thread is called "For those having problems "coping" with AS, please read(txt)"..or something to that effect. Check it out.