Friends-some advice.

One of the best ways of making friends is humor. I’ve read that most aspies have a poker face, which is good sometimes but not so good other times. When you are stone faced and solemn, you tend to intimidate people.

Typically I have found that if you can laugh and ‘cut up’ you’ll get better results in breaking the ice then if you speak formally and stiffly, in most situations. Other times if you note the quietness of the area around you, you may want to speak very politely. Still-do not be stone faced or frown constantly. Try to gauge the attitude around you.

Though it may help to lighten up your facial expressions, it will not help at all if you stay by yourself. I’m making another generalization, but, most aspies are anti-social. I have been able to make friends over the keyboard, but you will be like a fish out of water if you don’t have someone to talk to in real life as well.

Hope this helps some people.

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