Site upgrades: Bug fixes, smilies

Every other Sunday, we’ll find some way to upgrade or refine our website’s software. Sometimes it’ll be a major feature, sometimes something cheesy like smilies or themes, and sometimes just bug fixes. This update, we’ve fixed several bugs and added smilies. Read on for details…
This update, what we’ll call Version 1.1 brings:

  • Six new smilies added to the forums. To access them, click ‘view more emoticons’ when typing your message.
  • There is now a submission link for your articles!
  • The profile link in the blogs has been corrected
  • The forum avatars now have a little bit more whitespace.
  • The post totals at the bottom of the main page now tell you the total with “messages” instead of “articles”, as to not cause confusion with the articles section on our site.

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By alex
June 27, 2004

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