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Loving Someone with Asperger’s Syndrome

By on April 11, 2012

The following article is written by Cindy Ariel (PhD), author of Loving Someone with Asperger’s Syndrome.

I wrote Loving Someone with Asperger’s Syndrome for several compelling reasons. Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to work with many people with AS and their partners either as individuals or couples and I have seen the struggles from both sides.

As I looked around for guidance, in the form of books and/or research to...

What’s Love Got to Do with It? A Girl’s Perspective on Relationships and Autism!

By on September 28, 2011

The following post is written by our female aspie blogger Kirsten Lindsmith:

It's that time again, folks! Another rambling blog post! Today's topic will be one I see discussed quite often on WP: dating. I want to begin by stating that no, I am not Alex's "new girlfriend"—and is that a question that would ever be asked of a male blogger?—I am just a person. I'm writing this blog because I work with Alex, and I like writing. I've also...

Review: If You Could Say it in Words [Asperger Love Story] – October Premiere

By on September 11, 2008

If You Could Say it in Words is a great new film about an autistic protagonist Nelson and his experience with love. The film is premiering at the Derby City Film Festival on October 8, 2008 at 9:00 PM. I wrote about my initial impressions of the movie and conducted an interview in February. You will also find clips from the movie in my previous article.

The film explores Nelson's Asperger's Syndrome without mentioning the diagnosis. The...

Review: Mozart and the Whale: An Asperger’s Love Story

By on January 17, 2007

Is there such a thing as a soul mate; another person who is destined to be with you? For Jerry Newport and Mary Newport, the answer is ‘yes.’ Mozart and the Whale: An Asperger’s Love Story details the relationship of two Aspies (individuals with Asperger’s Syndrome, a form of Autism) who fall in love at first sight. This touching story chronicles their life of misunderstanding and loneliness leading up to and beyond the moment they...

Dear Aspie: Why Do Women Tell Me About Their Men?

By on April 9, 2006

Dear Aspie:
"I am a heterosexual male aspie. Why do females insist on telling me about their husbands or boyfriends all the time, sometimes in intimate detail? It is none of my business, and it makes me feel uncomfortable, like the girls/women are comparing me to their partners. I also don't know what to say to them."


Read on for GroovyDruid's response!