Leaving Home & Living Independently on the Autism Spectrum

By on August 26, 2018

livingindepndently When I was 19 years old, I packed up my things, put them in my Dad’s car, and we drove two and a half hours to my new living situation, a college dorm. It was one of the most exciting and scariest moments in my life. He helped me unpack my things, made sure I […]

Autism and College – Autism Talk TV 19

By on January 11, 2012

Alex, Jack, and Kirsten spend this entire episode talking about supports for people with autism who are attending college or university. This is the third and final part of our episodes at the ASA 2011 conference in Orlando. We talked with Marc Ellison of Marshall University's disability services and Michael McManmon of the College Internship Program.

Also, Jack and Kirsten's relationship and our show were recently featured in a New...

Autism college saves journeys – ic Wales

By on September 16, 2005

Google News reports:
Autism college saves journeys
ic Wales, United Kingdom - Sep 14, 2005
... People affected by the condition - which includes autism and Asperger's syndrome - usually experience difficulties with social interaction, problems with ...

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