Dear Aspie: How to Handle Unexpected Conversation?

By on February 9, 2006

Dear Aspie:
?How do you cope with unknown people talking to you? I find all this very stressful. How do you know how to respond??


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Dear Aspie: Awkward Silences in Conversation

By on January 25, 2006

Dear Aspie:
"How do you work around the inevitable awkward silences that happen to all aspies? When flirting or otherwise?"


More often than not, awkward silences are the result of awkward questions. Aspies often have a hard time understanding this, but it is true.

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The Secrets of Successful Smalltalk

By on December 6, 2005

An aspie friend of mine said recently, ?I hate it when people ask me, ?So how?s it going?? People go around asking the same question to each other over and over at parties. It?s phony and ludicrous.?

By now, it should be growing evident that ?small talk? ranks up with the world?s great misnomers. There?s nothing small about it. It is one of the most complex and important activities humans practice. They meet and scope one another?s...

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