Diagnostic Criteria

Dear Aspie: Should I Get a Diagnosis?

By on February 21, 2006

Dear Aspie:
“I only recently stumbled on this website and I've found it really interesting. I’m 24 years old, and I was wondering what steps I would take if I thought I had Asperger's. Also, if I did have it and I was diagnosed, would it even be beneficial to know?”


Read on for GroovyDruid's response!

Diagnosing Psychiatric disorders

By on December 1, 2004

The New York Times has an article describing the problems with diagnosing psychiatric disorders. For instance, the diagnosis of Asperger's syndrome, a variant of autism, was pulled from a collection of disorders previously labeled Pervasive Personality Disorder Not Otherwise Specified.

Much is at stake in whether a condition is elevated to the status of a full-fledged diagnosis. Because no laboratory tests or other objective criteria exist...