Intelligence: Heredity-Environment Debate Resolved?

By on October 12, 2004


Intelligence: Heredity-Environment Debate Resolved? - February 01, 2002

According to neuro- and cognitive scientists, different intellectual abilities are based on neural circuits that require environmental stimulation for development - and are open to change.

Boy’s exclusion from playground goes before judge

By on August 22, 2004

The parents of a home-schooled Falmouth boy with a form of autism, who has been banned from a public school playground, say they still hope their son will be allowed back at the playground when school opens in less than two weeks. Gayle Fitzpatrick and Charles Rankowski went before Judge Thomas Humphrey on Friday in York County Superior Court seeking an injunction to allow their son, Jan Rankowski, 9, to use the Plummer-Motz School playground...