If You Could Say it in Words: New Asperger’s Movie (Interview)

By on February 10, 2008

Nicholas Gray’s directorial debut, If you Could Say it in Words, is a feature film about Nelson Hodge, a young African American guy with Asperger’s living in Philidelphia. While there have recently been a plethora of films about individuals with Asperger’s, most have been documentaries, and none have featured a protagonist with Asperger’s who falls into a lower-income socioeconomic class.

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The Red Carpet: Documentary about an autistic filmmaker

By on July 21, 2007

Axel Brauns is a well-known, highly-regarded novelist and film director in his native country of Germany. He is also autistic, so by nature he has great difficulty understanding people’s emotions, facial expressions, and social customs. The Red Carpet (Der Teppich Roche) is a full-length documentary by Eric and Andrea Asch about Braun’s creative process, his autism, his opinions, and his life.

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Interview with Movie Producer and Actor Joey Travolta

By on April 26, 2006

Joey Travolta is a successful actor, director, and producer who started the critically acclaimed acting school, Actors for Autism. Most recently, Travolta served as the producer of the film Normal People Scare Me, a documentary about how autistic people see the rest of the world directed by Taylor Cross. Cross, a 17-year-old film maker, is autistic. The film features autistic people talking of their feelings about the NT world.

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By on April 18, 2006

GroovyDruid Reports:

After months of waiting for Mozart and the Whale to hit theaters, I decided to take decisive action. I strolled into the Millenium/Nu Image Films offices here in Los Angeles and asked to have the straight dope on when this movie would be widely available. They couldn't tell me, but they were kind enough to give me a copy of the movie so that I could review it for WrongPlanet. So here it is! Read on!

Mozart and the whale set to debut in Spokane

By on April 12, 2006

Mozart and the Whale, a film for which WrongPlanet has provided a good deal of exclusive coverage, will be coming to Spokane, Washington, its filming location. A special advance screening will be held on April 12, two days before the films official limited release date of April 14. The film stars Josh Hartnett. We’re re-publishing […]

News about movie with AS subject….

By on November 27, 2005

"Mozart and The Whale", a fiction romance based on the
lives of Future Horizons authors, Jerry and Mary Newport, made its
international debut at the Puerto Vallarta International Festival on
Saturday, November twelfth. "It had the largest audience of any of the
festival's films. People sat in the aisles to see it and there was a
surprising number of teenagers. It had a very postiive response!", said
Robert Lawrence, one of "Mozart's"...

Bram Cohen makes deal with Hollywood

By on November 23, 2005

"According to an AP story at Yahoo News, Hollywood studios announced an agreement with Bram Cohen, an aspie who created the popular BitTorrent file-swapping technology, that will keep him from helping users find pirated copies of movies online. The agreement requires BitTorrent to remove Web links leading to illegal content owned by the seven studios that are members of the MPAA. The agreement is a major breakthrough in MPAA's anti-piracy...

Why Hollywood Loves BitTorrent – CNN

By on October 19, 2005

Google News reports:

Mozart and the Whale

By on February 28, 2005 has an excellent article on the upcoming movie about two individuals with Asperger's Syndrome who fall in love. Torley Wong, who has recently been too busy to post as much as he used to, wrote this article quite a while ago.

Anyway, let me get back to the topic of Mozart and the Whale. I also added a module to allow you to view the trailer for the upcoming movie. Mozart and the Whale looks like it is going to be very good and...