Bail4Jail: A shameful image of Autism

By on June 7, 2008

Autism Western Cape (AWC) of South Africa is launching a fundraising campaign next week called Jail4Bail. The executive director of AWC plans on locking himself in a jail cell at a local mall until $128,000 dollars is raised. The promotional material for this event depicts a young girl locked in a jail cell followed by the text 'Help raise $128,000 dollars for Autism.'

Please note that I do support fundraising campaigns for autism if their...

Autism – Children’s Lives Destroyed? I don’t think so

By on October 27, 2004 calls Autism a "A National Tragedy."

This "Autism" tragedy that parents are experiencing with their affected children has taken a terrible toll on these families and the U.S. healthcare system.

This epidemic will cost the U.S. billions of dollars. An entire generation of children may have been affected. The symptoms of "autism" and mercury poisoning are identical.

I for one don't think of myself as a national tragedy...

New Items in the Online Store!

By on July 24, 2004

We've added a few new items to the Wrong Planet online store. Help support our quickly growing site by purchasing any of a number of items that have our cool logo on them! I think the alien is adorable. I have received the t-shirt and its very nice. Because this is on demand customization, allow a little more time for shipping than they indicate that it will take. I hope you guys like the products there!

Asperger’s Not a “Mythical Flavor-of-the-Month Virus”

By on June 23, 2004

Recently, I've found some extremely disturbing opinion pages (and some quotes found in actual articles) in which an individual passes Asperger's syndrome off as some sort of "mythical flavor-of-the-month virus." This type of statement demeans the unique challenges that many of us face in addition to making apparent the ignorance of the individual who made the statement.