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Planning a family vacation with Autism – 10 tips for success

By on November 2, 2018

image for traveling with autism photo-1530521954074-e64f6810b32d Going on vacation is is supposed to be relaxing but it can often turn out to be the opposite for those on the spectrum if we don’t plan it right. And for parents of autistics, that stress can spread to the whole family. When I was a kid, my parents made a lot of efforts […]

Aspie or NT? The Pros and Cons of Acting Neurotypical

By on March 13, 2012

I met Maja (and a lot of other cool aspies) while speaking in Århus, Denmark at the AspIT conference. This is her first column:

Hi, I’m Maja and I live in Copenhagen, Denmark and I’m a 25 year old woman diagnosed with Asperger’s. I’m a singer/songwriter and a student.

I always knew I was different and started learning social skills before I was even diagnosed. When I was 12, I realized that I wanted to be a part of the world and...

Are Aspergians really rude and inconsiderate?

By on September 22, 2010

One common characteristic of people with Asperger's is that we are more or less blind to the non verbal communications of others. As a result, we find ourselves forever saying and doing the wrong thing, with the best of intentions. We're described as arrogant, aloof, uncaring and inconsiderate.

I contend that we are none of those things. I believe we are simply blind, emotionally.

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By on December 19, 2005

Imagine for a moment that you are sitting across from an interviewer for a job. But you and the interviewer are not alone: a thin, evil-looking demon sits beside you. You say, “I’m excited at the prospect of joining this company--”

But the demon interjects: “No, you are bored and unmotivated.” This scenario happens every day to countless aspies everywhere. The demon of improper body language frustrates all sorts of personal...

When it’s hard to fit in – The Register-Guard

By on November 8, 2005

Google News reports:
When it's hard to fit in
The Register-Guard, Oregon - 17 hours ago
... Here's an example of the difference between a neurotypical (among the 99.9 percent of the people on the planet without Asperger's) and an Asper: Person A and ...

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Scientists crack cognitive code of sarcasm

By on May 29, 2005

Google News reports: Newindpress, India - May 25, 2005
... The findings could provide vital clues to the best way of helping people with autism and Asperger's Syndrome, as well as those with some forms of brain damage ...

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Group Social Situations

By on February 14, 2005

Sometimes, it is possible to have conversations which reflect well on yourself when you are speaking with only one other person. When other people start joining into a group, however, it is easy to inadvertently start dominating a conversation and thus cause others to become annoyed and possibly even think of you as arrogant (this happens to me sometimes). If you have a friend, or even a good acquaintance who is aware of your social...