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Second Life Teaches Life Lessons

By on April 6, 2005

As a massively multiplayer online game, many people think of Second Life as little more than a virtual playground. But an increasing number of people and organizations are employing the game in applications that are useful for far more than entertainment.

Mahay's charges spend their in-world time on the small island known as Brigadoon, a place created for sufferers of autism and Asperger's syndrome to try out the social interactions that are...

Virtual world teaches real-world skills

By on March 1, 2005

If home is where the heart is, then home for a dozen people with Asperger Syndrome could be a 16-acre island blessed with lush gardens and rolling green hills.

The island is called "Brigadoon," but unlike its literary namesake, this place is real — or real enough in a 21st century way. "Brigadoon" belongs to a public virtual world called "Second Life," a popular online 3-D environment frequented by tens of thousands of users.