Success Stories

Autism Online Radio Show: Episode 33: Kassiane’s Blog

By on August 18, 2006

Wrong Planet is proud to announce a partnership with which gives us the opportunity to provide you with high quality autism themed radio shows. Podcasting is a method of distributing audio programs over the Internet for playback on mobile devices (like an iPod) and personal computers.

"In Episode 33, Michael talks with Kassiane, AKA Rett Devil. She maintains a popular blog about life on the autism spectrum. In the...

Raising up the Self: A WrongPlanet Interview with Nathaniel Branden

By on February 12, 2006

Nathaniel Branden is best known for, and will probably always be defined by, his relationship with Ayn Rand and his pioneering psychological work in promoting healthy self-esteem. He first wrote extensively about the importance of high self-esteem for successful psychotherapy in 1969, in his book The Psychology of Self-Esteem. Since then, he has written many other volumes on the subject, including Breaking Free, The Disowned Self, Honoring...